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College's Writing Style Guide Updated on the Web

The Publications and Electronic Media Office has updated the College's Writing Style Guide, which is located in the SUNY Cortland Communication Guide.

The Writing Style Guide provides standards for general writing style and answers to College-specific style questions, such as official long and short names for rooms and buildings and the preferred spellings for computer-related terms. These guidelines are intended for use in all published materials that represent the College.

The Writing Style Guide A-Z is a searchable html file. A downloadable pdf of the document also can be printed.

The Communication Guide is a one-stop resource for promoting SUNY Cortland on all Web, print and electronic communications produced to support the College's mission. The guide includes policies and standards for e-mail, templates for PowerPoint presentations, downloadable College logos and a wealth of additional information.

A proofreading checklist also is available as part of the Communication Guide to assist employees with reviewing documents for errors and adherence to Cortland's style conventions.

Questions regarding SUNY Cortland's marketing and branding initiatives should be addressed to Marketing Director Gradin Avery. Assistance with writing style questions or concerns can be obtained from the Publications and Electronic Media Office at (607) 753-2519.