Naming Opportunities

SUNY Cortland is pleased to offer the first SUNY Board of Trustees-approved naming program. Alumni and friends can commemorate a loved one or cherished professor while supporting the university by naming a building, space or program in their honor. Others may wish to permanently link their own names to the institution that made a lasting difference in their lives.

Kathryn Vernay holds Zipp plaque

Naming Buildings

Create a lasting legacy by attaching a name to a designated facility or space.

Available Buildings and Spaces

Athletic Facilities

Space Amount
Stadium Complex $4,000,000
James J. Grady ’50, M ’61 Field Named
Auxiliary Field $500,000
Track $250,000
Press Box $200,000
New Grass Field (Jets) $50,000
Radio Broadcast Room $25,000
Public Announcer Room $25,000
Home Locker Room $100,000
Visitors Locker Room $50,000
Throwing Area $50,000
Softball Field $500,000
Gerry Gentner '66 Press Box Named
Holloway Press Box $10,000
Upper Tennis Complex Courts (2) $200,000
Wallace Field Press Box $20,000
1980 Women’s National Championship Team Soccer Scoreboard Named

Bowers Hall

Built in 1962, renovated in 2013. Houses science departments, planetarium, classrooms and labs.

Space Amount
Museum $250,000
Planetarium $100,000
Lobby $50,000
Vestibule $25,000
Reception Area $25,000
Classrooms, Lecture Hall, Labs and Conference Room(s) $25,000-$50,000
Optics $30,000
Reading Room $25,000
Dark Room $20,000
Prop Room $20,000-$30,000
Special Equipment $20,000
Work Room $20,000
Vivarium $25,000
MSD Library $30,000
Department Office Suite(s) $25,000
Student Commons $75,000
Zipp Student Research Laboratory Named
Labs $25,000-$50,000
Office Suite $25,000
Balance Room $25,000
Student Club $10,000

Brockway Hall

Built in 1951, most recently renovated in 2006. Includes offices of the Division of Institutional Advancement as well as Hilltop Dining and the Jacobus Lounge.

3rd Floor Conference Room Reserved
Conference Room(s) $25,000

Corey Union

Built in 1967 with most recent renovation in 2018-19 (partial — ground level only). Houses Campus Activities, Campus Artist and Lecture Series, Dragon Chronicle, Duplicating Center and Cortland Auxiliary Catering Office.

Space Amount
Foyer/Lobby $100,000
Exhibition Lounge $150,000
Fireplace Lounge $75,000
Voice Office $75,000
Meeting Rooms $25,000
Room 209 $30,000
Function Room $500,000
Vice President for Student Affairs office suite $50,000
Director of Fay L. Corey Union office suite $25,000
Campus Radio Station $100,000
Campus Television Station $100,000
Campus Newspaper Office $50,000
Student Activities Board Office $30,000
Student Activities Board Conference Room $30,000

Cornish Hall

Cornish Hall/Van Hoesen Hall was built in 1962. The most recent renovation occurred in Cornish in 2009.

Space Amount
Classrooms $25,000-$50,000
Educational Opportunity Office $50,000

Dowd Fine Arts Center

Built in 1967, most recent renovation in 2013. Houses visual and performing arts, including Dowd Gallery and Dowd Fine Arts Center Theatre

Space Amount
Main Theater $1,000,000
Art Gallery $500,000
Lab Theater $250,000
Main Theater Stage $200,000
Instrumental Rehearsal Room $150,000
Center Art Gallery $150,000
Main Lobby in front of ticket booth $100,000
Mary and Joseph Daniels Foyer Named
Choral Rehearsal Room $100,000
Expanded Corridor Display Area $50,000
Advanced Painting Room $50,000
Painting Room $50,000
Design Studio $50,000
New Media Design (graphic arts lab) $50,000
Student/Artist Critique Area $50,000
Lobby in front of Critique Area $50,000
Digital Photo Room $50,000
Fibers Studio (advanced weaving room) $50,000
Print Making Studio $50,000
Drawing Room $50,000
Dance Studio $50,000
Faculty Offices/Studio $40,000
Faculty Offices/Studio $40,000
Faculty Office with Applied piano studio $40,000
Faculty Office/studio $40,000
Photo Lab $30,000
Music Library $30,000
Stretcher Shop $25,000
Recordings Library and listening area $25,000
Gallery Work room/storage $25,000
Costume Shop $25,000
Costume Storage Area $25,000
Men's dressing room $25,000
Women's dressing room $25,000
Green Room $25,000
Slide Library $25,000
Piano Classroom $25,000-$50,000
Classroom $25,000-$50,000
Classroom $25,000-$50,000
Classroom $25,000-$50,000
Classroom $25,000-$50,000
Darkroom $20,000
Musical Instrument Display $20,000
Gallery Workroom $20,000
Print Making Lab $20,000
Recording Studio $20,000
Vocal practice rooms (teaching studios) $15,000
Score Reading Area $15,000
Gallery Storage $10,000
Ticketbooth $10,000
Vomitory $10,000
Vomitory $10,000
Faculty Office $10,000
Preston Marye Scene Shop Named
Gallery Office $10,000
Conference Room $10,000
Projector Room $10,000
Edward J. Sliva ’59 Practice Room Named
Practice rooms $10,000 ea.
Gospel Storage Area $5,000
Theater Seats $1,000 ea.

Education Building

Built in 2009 and includes Child Care Center, Children's Museum and Dean, School of Education

Space Amount
Education Building  $3,000,000
Classrooms/Office Suites  $40,000-$50,000
Conference Rooms   $10,000
Child Care Center   $1,000,000
Age-Defined Rooms/Gross Motor Spaces     $20,000-$50,000
Playground   $250,000
Age-Defined Playground Areas $30,000
Individual Playground Equipment $2,500-$5,000
Garden Area/Benches   $2,500-$10,000
Furniture in Age-Defined Rooms $20,000

Glass Tower Hall

Glass Tower Hall

Built 2005

Space Amount
Glass Tower Hall $2,000,000
Residence Halls Lounges  $25,000-$50,000
Residence Hall Suites   $15,000-$25,000
Residence Hall Rooms   $10,000

Lusk Field House

Built in 1962, most recently renovated in 2010. Serves as athletic facility for numerous sports including men's and women's indoor track and field.

Space Amount
Track $250,000

Memorial Library

Built in 1974. In addition the library, it houses The Bookmark and the Faculty Development Center.

Space Amount
Floor (Three floors available for naming)  $250,000
Entrance Plaza (Sculpture)  $50,000
Teaching Materials Center  $100,000
Learning Commons   $100,000
Evening-Late Night Reading/Study Room  $100,000
Group Study Area   $100,000
Advisement/Transition Office $50,000
Conference Room   $10,000

Miller Building

Built in 1967 with the most recent renovation concluding in 2022. Houses administration, including the President's Office, Provost, Financial Aid, Human Resources, Registrar's Office, Admissions, Division of Finance and Management, Research Foundation, Risk Management

Space Amount
Entrance Lobby (9/11 Tribute)  $20,000
Main Lobby   $100,000
Admissions Suite   $50,000
Conference Rooms   $25,000-$30,000
President’s Suite   $150,000
Provost’s Suite   $100,000
Vice President for Finance Suite $50,000

Moffett Center

Built in 1954; most recent renovation occurred in 2007 (Phase I) and 2019 (Phase II). Houses Health, Math and Sociology/Anthropology departments, classrooms and Cafe Sawubona

Space Amount
Atrium/Lobby   $100,000
Archeology Lab   $50,000
Classroom(s)   $25,000-$50,000
Labs  $25,000-$50,000
Department Office Suites  $25,000
Conference Room   $10,000
Lobby (Graham Ave. Side)  $75,000
Corridor (Graham Ave. Side)  $50,000

Neubig Hall

Built in 1960 with partial renovation in 2008. Includes the Campus Store, Neubig Dining, Cortland Auxiliary Customer Service and Accounting and Summit Credit Union.

Space Amount
Main Dining Room   $250,000
Campus Store $100,000

Old Main

Built in 1922 and most recently renovated in 1997. Houses Dean of School of Arts and Sciences, Center for Gender and Intercultural Studies, CSEA, Networking and Telecommunications Services, and several arts and sciences academic departments.

Space Amount
Pillar Entrance $50,000
Labs, Studios, Classrooms  $25,000-$30,000
Honors Program Suite   $50,000
Student Commons   $75,000
Ceramics Studio   $40,000
Dean of Arts and Science Suite $75,000
Department Office Suites  $25,000
Conference Rooms   $10,000
Atrium/Lobby (second floor)  $75,000
GIS Lab/Classroom   $75,000
Brown Auditorium Stage $100,000

Outdoor Education Facilities

Space Amount
Huntington Memorial Camp
Marcia Spaeth McDermott Hall Named
Spruce Residence Hall $150,000
White Birch Residence Hall $30,000
Yellow Birch Residence Hall $30,000
Chalet  $500,000
Ice/Cooks House  $30,000
Edward G. and Sudie E. Rounsaville Knortz P ’74 Director’s Office Named
Edward G. and Sudie E. Rounsaville Knortz P ’74 Blacksmith’s Shop Named
Guides House   $100,000
Boat Houses (two available)  $10,000
Boat House Reserved
Caretaker’s House   $50,000
The Barque (Houseboat)   $50,000
Drinking Water Filtration Facility $50,000
John Forsythe ’58 Carpenter Shop Named
New Maintenance Shop  $40,000
Generator Building   $10,000
His and Hers Bathhouse  $25,000
Aloha Dock Named
Sandra G. Morley ’77 Flagpole Named
Edward G. and Sudie E. Rounsaville Knortz P ’74 Chalet Front Porch Named
Chalet Upper Porch   $10,000
Huntington Staff House $500,000
Huntington Staff House Front Porch  Reserved
Huntington Staff House Living Room  $25,000
Huntington Staff House Living Room Fireplace $10,000
Huntington Staff House Bedroom(s)  $15,000
Huntington Staff House Bedroom Fireplaces(s) $7,500
Arethusa Sorority Porch Named
Durant Cabin $500,000
Durant Cabin Porch   $12,000
Howe-Colligan Bedroom Named
Durant Cabin Fireplaces  $7,500 each
Durant Dock  $25,000
Smoke House (across from Caretaker)  $10,000
Donald L. Traver ’59 and Donna Bell Traver ’59 Porch Named
Donald L. Traver ’59 and Donna Bell Traver ’59 Porch Named
Library Fireplace   $15,000
Sisu Lean-to   Named
Edward G. and Sudie E. Rounsaville Knortz P ’74 Ropes Course Named
Ropes Course Individual Elements $5,000-$10,000
Edward G. and Sudie E. Rounsaville Knortz P ’74 Zipline Named
Edward G. and Sudie E. Rounsaville Knortz P ’74 Climbing Wall Named
Sauna  $10,000
Kirby Camp   $75,000
Camp Marion – Lean-to(s)  $10,000 each
Main Dock $50,000
Casino Building $500,000
William Pauly Porch Named
Arethusa Sorority Porch  Named
Antlers Office   $10,000
Kris Cummings Fireplace Named
Casino Classroom $50,000
Beta Phi Epsilon Alumni Association Casino Fireplace Named
Casino Second Floor Porch $10,000
Cedars Lodge $100,000
Cedars Front Porch $10,000
Cedars Main Room $10,000
Cedars Main Room fireplace  $7,500
Arethusa Sorority Bedroom Named
Arethusa Sorority Bedroom Named
Main Lodge To be determined
Hill Cottages    To be determined
Brauer Education Center
Porch  $10,000
Grand Room   $35,000
Grand Room Fireplace   $7,500
Bunkhouse   $30,000
Office  $5,000
Picnic Grove   $5,000
Entrance Gate   $5,000
Hoxie Gorge  
Lean-to   $7,500
Ropes and Challenge Course  $15,000
Natural Areas (Stand of Trees/Field) $20,000 each
Shelter (To be built)   $50,000

Parks Alumni House

There are several opportunities to become a part of the Lynne Parks ’68 SUNY Cortland Alumni House history. For more information, visit the Preservation Fund page.

Park Center

Built in 1973; most recent renovation in 2019 (façade).

Space Amount
Wrestling Room   $100,000
Ice Rink   $500,000
Ice Arena Lounge/Lobby  $75,000
Atrium/Lobby (main entrance) $100,000
Performance Lab – 244 $75,000
Auxiliary Teaching Gym 1 $150,000
Auxiliary Teaching Gym 2  $150,000
Dance Studio – 327 $150,000
Dance Studio – 321 $75,000
Gym #3 (Climbing) $100,000
Gym # 1 (Gymnastics) $100,000
Athletic Office Suite   $75,000
Athletic Lounge/Lobby  $75,000
Classroom(s)   $25,000-$50,000
Raquette/Squash Court(s)  $10,000

President’s Residence

Space Amount
President’s Residence $500,000

Professional Studies Building

(Recreation, Communication Disorders and Sciences, Kinesiology) Built 2010

Space Amount
Professional Studies Building $5,000,000
Dean of Professional Studies Suite $75,000
Department Office Suites  $25,000
Classrooms, Labs $25,000-50,000
Patti Cluss ’79 Swallowing Lab Named
Conference Rooms $10,000
Bio Mechanic Lab $75,000
Kinesiology Motor Behavior Teaching Lab  $50,000
Gerald T. Proehl ’81 and Pamela Fisher Proehl ’82 Exercise Physiology Laboratory Named
Center for Obesity and Research Education Classroom/ Suite   $75,000
Center for Speech, Language and Hearing Disorders Community Clinic $75,000
Ellen Howard Burton Waiting Room Named
Student Clubs $10,000
Audio Rooms $10,000
Department Lounges $25,000-$50,000
Main Entrance Lobby $100,000
Outside Courtyard/Patio $50,000

Sperry Center

Teaching/Classroom Space) - Renovated 2007

Space Amount
David J. Vittor ’67 Lecture Hall Named
Mary L. Hobson '61 Lecture Hall Named
Ellis A. Johnson Lecture Hall Named
Sperry Commons $50,000
Plaza (outside patio area) $50,000
Lecture Hall – Room 205 $150,000
Lecture Hall – Room 204 $150,000
Balcony $30,000
Media Services Suite $50,000
Classroom $25,000

Student Life Center

Completed 2014

Space Amount
Student Life Center $7,000,000
Gymnasium 250,000
Multi-activity Court 200,000
Pool 400,000
Jacuzzi 50,000
Outdoor Adventure Area 125,000 (1st floor)
Golf Simulator Rooms Dr. Louise McCarthy Conley
Climbing Wall 100,000
Bouldering Wall/Area 35,000
Circuit Free Weights (new name – Weight Training Area) first floor 150,000
Office Suite 35,000
Main Floor Classroom 50,000
Entrance Vestibules 25,000 each (there are two entrances)
Lounge Room, Room 1102 100,000
Lobby 150,000
Track 250,000
Group Exercise Room 75,000
Combat Room 75,000
Game Room 75,000
Spinning Room 75,000
Upper Concourse Seating Area 35,000
Training Room 25,000
Stretching Area, Room 1206 15,000
Gymnasium Benches (seating) 10,000 each (two sets on each side)
Mind/Body Room 75,000
Open Rec/Fitness Area 75,000 (second floor)
Bistro 500,000
Demo Kitchen 100,000
Lower Concourse 35,000
Women’s Locker Room 75,000
Men’s Locker Room 75,000
Family Locker Room 25,000
Front Patio 35,000
Delta Kappa Beta (1925-1991) Back Patio Named

Van Hoesen Hall

Space Amount
Student Health Center $100,000
Counseling Center $50,000
Career Center $100,000
Residence Life Office $50,000
The Learning Center $100,000

Naming Programs

Additional naming opportunities include scholarship or faculty position endowments, departments, schools, lecture series and more.


Schools of Arts and Sciences, Professional Studies and Education

The three schools at SUNY Cortland may be named to recognize endowment gifts of no less than $1.5 million. Such funds will be used to support campus-wide initiatives and programs as well as specific school-related programs.

Endowed Chair

A named chair for a newly created position may be established to underwrite the costs connected with that position, such as summer support, clerical and travel expenses and teaching and research support, for a sum of not less than $1.5 million.


A named professorship may be established for a sum of not less than $1 million. Such funds shall only be accepted to support disciplines or areas of study that are included in the existing academic offerings of the College, or consistent with its mission.

Centers, Institutes, Programs and Other Academic or Support Units

Interest in named endowments for centers, institutes and other academic or support units on campus will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Such named endowments shall be between $25,000 and $1 million.

Academic Departments

All academic departments at SUNY Cortland may be named to recognize gifts of between $500,000 and $1 million. Such endowment funds will be used to support campus-wide initiatives as well as specific departmental programs.

Distinguished Lectureships and Visiting Professors

A named distinguished lecturer may be established for a sum of not less than $500,000. Such funds shall only be accepted to support disciplines or areas of study that are consistent with the mission of the College. Distinguished lecturers are designed to bring outstanding individuals to teach at the College consistent with the State University of New York policies on lecturers and visiting professors.

Visiting Scholar/Artist-in-Residence

Funds for specialized presentations by outstanding scholars, artists or recognized experts must anticipate payments for fees, travel, living expenses, promotional expenses and insurance as required and may be established for sums not less than $250,000.


Funds for special lectures may be established for sums not less than $100,000.

Scholarships, Awards and Program Endowment

A named endowed scholarship may be established for an amount of no less than $30,000. To provide a significant portion of a typical undergraduate student aid package, such endowments should be in the $100,000 range. Full tuition scholarships named for someone of the donor's choice require an endowment of no less than $100,000.

Awards Program Endowments

The Cortland College Foundation will not automatically accept gifts for departmental awards and prizes. Each purpose and amount must be reviewed on a case-by-case basis as to its merit. In many cases, names on trophies, plaques or books rather than cash awards will be deemed more appropriate and recommended to interested persons.

Other Endowments

Endowed funds for academic development, program innovation, library acquisition, faculty professional travel, equipment, research publications, recognition awards and other gift objectives may be created for sums appropriate for each respective area, but not less than $30,000.

Physical Plant

Endowment funds for the maintenance of existing buildings, rooms and floors, as well as for the maintenance of newly constructed or renovated buildings and units and for campus beautification are available upon request. The sums required for each shall not be less than $50,000 but can range up to several million dollars depending upon the size of the facility.

Take a Seat

Whether you love modern Broadway musicals like “Rent,” “Sweeney Todd” and “Spring Awakening” or enjoy classic dramatic productions such as “A Doll’s House” or “The Importance of Being Earnest,” you probably appreciate the significance that our theatre plays on campus and in the Cortland community.

You now have an opportunity to be a key contributor to the beautifully renovated theatre’s future by naming one of its new seats. An attractive nameplate bearing your inscription will mark your seat. Honor a student, a family member, a production — whatever is meaningful to you.

Your tax-deductible gift of $1,000 to the Ruth E. Dowd Fine Arts Center Theatre Campaign will help build a fund to bring nationally respected instructors, enhance campus productions and provide scholarships for talented and deserving students. It will support performance ensembles and new, high-profile concerts and allow more members of the community to experience SUNY Cortland’s talent.