Honors Program

The SUNY Cortland Honors Program provides students who have demonstrated academic excellence with the opportunity for continued intellectual challenge in a rigorous, coherent and integrative program.

Honors students participate in courses taught in stimulating, small classroom environments with an emphasis on student-faculty interchange and community building.

The program provides a mechanism for students to distinguish themselves and also enhances the general learning environment for all students and faculty, the College and the community.

The program was started in the 1980s to recognize the talents of our most outstanding students. Up to 40 of our best applicants are admitted each year. Students in the program get to know one another and develop relationships with others who, like themselves, are serious about their coursework yet strive to balance academics with other interests.

Many of our students participate in varsity athletics, the theater, and the school newspaper, to name just a few activities outside the classroom. Through participation in the honors program, students become involved in a community of learners and scholars that will serve them well throughout their years at Cortland and beyond.

The SUNY Cortland Honors Program is affiliated with the National Collegiate Honors Council and the Northeast Regional National Collegiate Honors Council.