Readmitting to SUNY Cortland

Readmitting to SUNY Cortland

Candidates matriculated for undergraduate degrees who interrupt their education at SUNY Cortland and later wish to return must formally apply to be readmitted and pay the $50.00 non-refundable readmission application fee. A student who has applied to graduate and has not completed degree requirements, and fails to register for a full calendar year from the end of the last semester of enrollment, must seek readmission before returning to classes at SUNY Cortland, or seeking graduation from SUNY Cortland.

Readmission applications for students who have a HOLD on their record will not be processed. Those students will be notified of the HOLD by email and their Readmission Application and fee will be held for five business days. If their financial obligation or other hold has not been satisfied by the end of the five day period, the application and fee will be returned to the student. The Readmission Application and $50 non-refundable fee may be resubmitted once the HOLD has been satisfied.

An official leave of absence is not considered an interruption in enrollment. Students on a leave should consult their academic advisor about pre-registration for classes and need not file readmission paperwork.

Readmission Process

(1) Students wishing to readmit, must submit a formal application for readmission to the SUNY Cortland Registrar's Office.  The application must also include a $50.00 non-refundable readmission application fee (effective beginning Spring semester 2012 readmission).

(2) Students must also provide any official transcripts from institutions attended while away from SUNY Cortland. Opened transcripts are NOT official.  Please be sure you send sealed, official transcripts.  All transcripts must be received, or the application will not be considered by the College. After all required materials are received by the Registrar, they will be forwarded to the Associate Dean's Office.  The Registrar's transcript address is:

Office of the Registrar
Attn: Transcripts
PO Box 2000
Cortland, NY 13045-0900

(3) The associate dean reviews all readmission applications and makes the admission decision. The student will be informed of the decision in writing.

(4) If a student is readmitted, a registration time ticket will be assigned, and the student will be able to register for courses using myRedDragon.  Students should consult with their academic advisor before choosing classes.  If a student is readmitted after the normal online registration time, alternate registration may be used to register. Students should feel free to contact the Registrar's Office for assistance with registration.

Readmission Catalog Term & Policies

Readmitted students re-enter SUNY Cortland under the catalog at the time of readmission and are, therefore, responsible for all College requirements, including Cortland General Education requirements, SUNY and NYSED requirements, and all other major requirements in effect at the time of readmission.

The longer the gap between periods of enrollment the more likely it is that students will face new requirements. Students should consult the latest catalog available to see what requirements apply in their program.

Students seeking readmission to Cortland are not eligible to waive additional general education requirements. Appeals concerning readmission can be made to the appropriate associate dean.

Academic Suspension, Dismissal and Readmission

Students who have been suspended for academic reasons will not be eligible for readmission until at least two semesters have passed since their suspension.  Students who have been dismissed for academic reasons ordinarily will not be eligible for readmission until at least three years have passed since their dismissal. Previous academic achievement at SUNY Cortland and grades received for college work completed elsewhere will be taken into consideration. The circumstances under which the student left Cortland will also be a major consideration in the readmission process. Also considered may be length of time away from Cortland, military service, and/or employment experience. A condition of readmission may be "successful academic performance" — 2.75 cumulative grade point average or better — at another regionally accredited institution.

Upon formal readmission, the student’s former academic course work at SUNY Cortland will be reviewed in light of current requirements for the major, and determination of transferability of former courses to the new program will be approved by the associate dean of the school in consultation with the chair of the department offering the degree program.

Readmission Deadlines and Fees

Applicants for readmission to the College must complete and file a readmission form directly to the Registrar’s Office, and pay the $50.00 non-refundable readmission application fee by the published deadlines below.