Spring Important Dates and Deadlines

Spring 2024 Important Semester and Class Dates

  • Classes Begin
    Monday, Jan. 22
  • Third Quarter Classes End
    Friday, Mar. 8
  • Spring Break 
    Monday, Mar. 11 to Friday, Mar. 15
  • Classes Resume (8 a.m.)
    Monday, Mar. 18
  • Fourth Quarter Classes Begin
    Monday, Mar. 18
  • Last Day for In-Class Examinations
    Friday, Apr. 26
  • Classes End
    Friday, May 3
  • Final Exams
    Monday, May 6 to Friday, May 10

Student Teaching Dates

Dates may vary depending on individual district calendars.

  • Third Quarter Student Teaching Begins
    Monday, Jan. 22
  • Third Quarter Student Teaching Ends
    Friday, Mar. 15
  • Fourth Quarter Student Teaching Begins
    Monday, Mar. 18
  • Fourth Quarter Student Teaching Ends
    Wednesday, May 8

Spring 2024 Registration Dates

Students are not required to use a PIN during drop/add. Continuing, matriculated students, who failed to register during pre-registration in Fall 2023, will have a hold on their account and will be required to make payment arrangements before registering. Late fees will apply.

Non-matriculated students must submit a Visiting Student Form. Payment is required at the time of registration.

  • Non-Matriculated Graduate Class Registration
    Friday, Dec. 22 to Friday, Jan. 26 (4pm)
  • Spring 2024 Drop/Add Period for Matriculated Students
    Monday, Jan. 22 to Friday, Jan. 26 (4pm)
  • Non-Matriculated Undergraduate Class Registration
    Monday, Jan. 22 to Friday, Jan. 26 (4pm)
  • Fourth Quarter Registration
    Monday, Mar. 4 to Tuesday, Mar. 19 (4pm)

Course Withdrawal Deadlines

After the posted drop/add period, only course withdrawals may be used. An “X” grade indicates an Official Withdrawal without academic penalty. Non-attendance does not constitute withdrawal. Failure to withdraw will result in an “E” grade and tuition liability.

  • Withdrawal Forms Accepted
    Starting Monday, Jan. 29
  • Third Quarter Course Withdrawal Deadline
    Friday, Feb. 16 (4pm)
  • Fourth Quarter Course Withdrawal Deadline
    Monday, Apr. 15 (4pm)
  • Full Term Course Withdrawal Deadline
    Monday, Apr. 15 (4pm)

Grading Dates and Deadlines

Final grades are due 72 hours after the final examination in the course. The grading system will automatically become available two days before the end of the term, and close on the dates listed below.

  • Full term Progress Survey Available 
    Friday, Feb. 16 - Monday, Mar. 4 (11pm)
  • Third Quarter Progress Survey Available
    Friday, Feb. 9—Wednesday, Feb. 14 (11pm)
  • Fourth Quarter Progress Survey Available
    Wednesday, Apr. 3 - Monday, Apr. 8 (11pm)
  • Third Quarter Final Grading Closes 
    Includes third quarter student teaching and fieldwork grading.
    Wednesday, Mar. 20 (4pm)
  • Full Term and Fourth Quarter Final Grading Closes          
    Includes fourth quarter student teaching and fieldwork grading.
    Wednesday, May 15 (4pm)

Grading Option Deadlines

Juniors or seniors with a cumulative and major GPA of at least a 2.0 may petition to receive Pass/No Credit grades in elective courses.

  • Pass/No Credit Deadline for Full Term
    Friday, Feb. 2 (4pm)
  • Pass/No Credit Deadline for Third Quarter
    Friday, Jan. 26 (4pm)
  • Pass/No Credit Deadline for Fourth Quarter
    Friday, Mar. 22 (4pm)

Major and Program Change Deadlines

  • Spring 2024 Major Change Deadline
    Friday, Jan. 26
    Any program or major changes must be made by this date to be effective in Spring 2024. Changes may be made after this date, but will not be effective until Summer 2024.
  • Summer/Fall 2024 Major Change Deadline
    Friday, Mar. 1
    To allow for advisor and PIN assignments, students must complete a change of major by this date.
  • Transfer Credit Submittal Deadline for time tickets
    Friday, Mar. 1
    Students must submit all pending transfer credit transcripts by this date to have credits included in time ticket calculations.

Fall 2024/Summer 2024 Pre-Registration Dates

Pre-registration refers to the registration period for continuing students that is provided in the preceding term. Student time tickets are based on earned hours toward graduation. Any transfer credit or course completions must be provided by Mar. 1 to be included in the calculation. No exceptions are made to the deadline.

Registration Time Tickets

 Time tickets will be available by Friday, Mar. 15. 

  • Graduate Students
    Monday, Apr. 1
  • Seniors Begin
    Tuesday, Apr. 2
  • Juniors Begin
    Thursday, Apr. 4
  • Sophomores Begin
    Monday, Apr. 8
  • Freshmen Begin
    Thursday, Apr. 11

Students will be able to register via the web through drop/add. Continuing undergraduates students must use a PIN, which must be obtained from a faculty advisor during required pre-registration advising meetings. PINs required up until drop/add week.

Final Examination Request Deadlines

Final examinations are required. An instructor may request exception to the policy from the department chair. Please see the Student Registration and Record Services’ web site to review additional policies and procedures. Please consult your department and school policies for chair and dean deadlines.

  • Instructor requests due
    April 12

Course Building Dates and Deadlines

Draft Schedules are made available early to facilitate coordination across departments and for student advising and planning. During the draft period, the schedule is subject to change if departments require changes or updates. The schedule is locked when students begin registering for courses. After that time, all changes must be approved by the school dean.

  • Dean-Approved Schedules to Registrar's Office
    Friday, Feb. 2 (4pm)
  • Draft Schedule Online for Review 
    Monday, Mar. 11
  • Schedule Lock
    Friday, March 15

Office Information

Registrar's Office
Miller Building Room 203
Phone: 607-753-4702
Fax: 607-753-2959

Office Hours

8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Office opens at 10 a.m. on Thursdays to accommodate common meetings.

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