Room Rates

Fall 2023 - Spring 2024 Room Rates

Standard Halls Cost Per Semester
Standard Design Single $5,055
Standard Double $4,355
Standard Design Triple $4,355
Suite Single (Clark, Higgins) $5,200
Suite Double (Alger, Clark, Higgins) $4,510
Single in Double (Premium) $5,610
Dragon Hall (Quad Doubles)   Cost Per Semester
Dragon Designed Single $5,985
Dragon Double $4,590
Dragon Designed Triple


Glass Tower Hall (Quad Doubles) Cost Per Semester
Glass Double $4,590
Glass Designed Triple $4,590
West Campus, College Suites, Leadership House Cost Per Semester
West Campus Single $4,305
Leadership House Single  $4,105

Meal Plans

Students assigned to West Campus Apartments or the Leadership House are NOT required to have a meal plan; in order to obtain a meal plan they must contact ASC at 607-753-4627 to add a full or partial meal plan. Meal Plans are required for all other housing assignments.