Alumni Fee

All enrolled students, except for non-matriculated graduate students, are charged the Alumni Fee for the fall and spring semesters. This voluntary fee funds the Alumni Association, which, through its endowment, provides over $34,000 annually in student scholarships. The Alumni Fee is one way that scholarship funds are increased. Your contribution, by paying the Alumni Fee included on your semester bill, can help make scholarships and other programs and events possible.

This fee is an optional charge, so students have the opportunity to waive the fee and have it removed from their semester billed charges. All waivers should be processed via myRedDragon for students.

Before you elect to waive the Alumni Fee, you might want to see all that you can help make happen by electing to support the Alumni Association now.

Alumni Fee waivers should normally be processed before or at initial semester bill payment due date. Online waivers may be accepted only through the last day to officially withdraw from classes for the semester Please refer to the published official Academic Calendar.

After that date, any request for waiver of the Alumni Fee must be made in writing directly to the Alumni Affairs Office, Room 207, Brockway Hall. No Alumni Fee waiver requests will be honored after the end of the semester in which the fee was charged.

Waiver Instructions

  1. Sign into myRedDragon using your user ID and password
  2. Select the Student Tab
  3. Select "Alumni Fee Waiver" from the Student Accounts section of the page
  4. Submit at the bottom of the page