Sample Bill Notes

sample bill

1. Due Date/Late Fees 

You must take action before the date listed on the PDF copy of the billing statement.

If you owe a balance, payment must be made and charges must be accepted if paying online.

If you are paying by mail, payment must be remitted and the bottom portion of the bill must be signed and mailed to the Student Accounts office.

For directions on how to view and pay your bill as well as confirm attendance please see Payments and Accepting Charges - No Balance Due.

2. Charges, Adjustments and Refunds 

Program Service Charge and Course Fees

If you enrolled in a course or courses that have specific fees. The amount will be included on this line with all other mandatory fees.

College Fee

The College Fee is mandatory per the administrative policy of State University of New York.


With few exceptions, all first time undergraduates are required to live on campus.

Meal Plan

All students living in on-campus housing, with the exception of the Leadership House or West Campus Apartments, are required to have a meal plan.

Alumni Fee

You are billed for the optional Alumni Fee. The fee may be waived but it must be done online prior to Nov.15 for fall and April 15 for spring.


Tuition is set by the approved state budget. The fee listed here is for a full-time undergraduate student who is a resident of New York state. For other options please see Costs of Attendance.

3. Payments and Financial Aid Received

Any deposits paid as part of the admission process will be reflected in this column. No financial aid will have been received by our office and applied toward a student's charges at the time a semester bill is printed, except in very rare instances.

4. Anticipated Financial Aid

In order to be considered anticipated, the aid must have been applied for via the FAFSA, awarded by the Financial Aid Office, and accepted by the student via myRedDragon.

If you have not yet accepted an award package, this column may be blank or "incomplete" on your actual bill. Therefore, you may have applied for aid that cannot be presented as a credit on your bill until you complete requirements of the Financial Aid Office. If you believe aid is missing from your account, you should consult with your financial aid advisor.

In the event additional aid is posted to an account as anticipated aid, you should monitor your myRedDragon account for new aid and balance due amounts. Note: Bills are posted monthly.

5. Balance/Credit Due

The current balance is calculated by subtracting any deposits received and anticipated aid from the total charges. Students have two options:

  • Pay in full the amount listed as "Current Term Balance"
  • Enroll in the Monthly Payment Plan to pay the amount listed as "Minimum Amount Due Now"

For more information, visit Billing/Payment Information