Student Forms

Please select a category below to view available forms used by the Registrar's Office. Forms may exist in multiple formats, depending on the approval requirements and the source of the form.

  • Online Forms: Online forms may be completed online by the student. The form is routed to approvers electronically.
  • PDF Forms: Printable PDF forms exist for most services to allow for printing or in-person approval/submission. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader or a compatible program to view and print these forms. You may also obtain a paper copy in the Registrar's Office.

Personal Data and Identity (Name, Address)

SUNY Cortland is committed to fostering an inclusive environment where students may have a sense of belonging and personal well-being. For this reason, SUNY Cortland is implementing procedures to more easily allow a student to use a chosen first name and indicate pronouns wherever it is possible in our systems. Learn more about personal identity and data process and timelines.

Address and Phone Changes
Students and Alumni With Login Access
Current Students and Alumni With Login Access PDF Form Current Students and Alumni With Login Access Online Form  Information
Address and Phone Changes
Alumni or Former Students Without Login Access
PDF Form Online Form Information
Current Student Pronoun and Gender Identity Change PDF Form Online Form
Current Student Chosen Name Add/Change  PDF Form Online Form
Legal Name or Gender Change PDF Form N/A

Authorization Forms and Releases

Directory Exclusion Request PDF Form N/A
Release and Request for Cert. of Professional Education PDF Form N/A
Consent to Release Academic Records (FERPA Release) * PDF Form
TEACH Authorization Form (NYSED Release) N/A Online Form Information

* Notarization is required unless the student is signing the form in the Registrar's Office.

Registration and Course Forms

All Student Levels
Course Auditing Petition N/A N/A Information
Credit Overload Petition PDF Form Online Form
Time Conflict Petition PDF Form N/A
Alternate Registration and Schedule Change * PDF Form  Online Form Information
Undergraduate Students
Undergraduate Cross-Registration (SUNY) N/A Online Form Information
Undergraduate Request for Graduate Level Enrollment PDF Form
Undergraduate Standard Pass/No Credit Petition PDF Form
Undergraduate Transfer Course Credit Petition N/A Online Form Information
Graduate Students
Online GRD 500 Enrollment Request * Student may now directly enroll using course registration. Late or exceptional registration may be requested using the Alternate Registration form.

*Use this form only when you are unable to make changes or register via myRedDragon.
(Note: Students may use the PDF form when directed to do so for special programs.)

Major and Program Change Forms

Undergraduate Change of Major (Students) * PDF Form
Graduate Request to Change Status / Program PDF Form

*Advisors, chairs and academic department staff may initiate a change of major from the Registrar's Office channel in myRedDragon.

Withdrawal and Leave Forms

Course Withdrawal (View Deadlines) PDF Form Online Form
Medical Leave of Absence / Withdrawal (Student Health Services) PDF Form N/A Information
Medical Leave of Absence / Withdrawal (Counseling Services) PDF Form N/A Information
Non-Medical Leave of Absence PDF Form Online Form
Non-Medical Withdrawal from College PDF Form Online Form

Graduate Study Forms

Application for Candidacy for the Master's Degree PDF Form N/A
Culminating Activity, Thesis or Project Title Registration PDF Form N/A
Graduate Student Reactivation Petition PDF Form N/A Information
Request for Acceptance of Graduate Transfer Credit PDF Form N/A Information
Graduate Request to Change Status / Program PDF Form N/A
*Use this form only when you are unable to make changes or register via myRedDragon

Degree Conferral, Diploma, and Certification Forms

Change Degree Conferral Details * N/A Online Form Information
Diploma Replacement Order Form PDF Form N/A Information
TEACH Authorization N/A Online Form Information

*This form is used to change your degree conferral details when you have an existing degree conferral application.

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