Course Auditing

You may have the opportunity to audit a SUNY Cortland class if space is available and you have the appropriate permissions. Auditing permission may be granted to current SUNY Cortland students, students attending other institutions, and community members.

As an auditor, you may be exempt from completing assignments and exams, but you may be required to participate fully in the class and associated activities. You should seek to clarify the instructor's expectations when seeking permission to audit.

Persons 60 Years of Age or Older

New York State Education Law to permits persons 60 years of age and older to enroll in courses at colleges in State University of New York without tuition, examination, grading, or credit as auditors. The permission to enroll is on a space available basis as determined by the president of the College and provided that such audit attendance will not interfere with the attendance of otherwise qualified students.  

Auditing Process:

  1. Complete the Permission to Audit form no later than the first week of class. The request must be approved by the instructor of the course. Please contact the Extended Learning Office at for the form. Detailed information will be provided with the form. 

  2. If you have not attended Cortland before, and are not a current faculty or staff member, you will be required to review and adhere to the Student Code of Conduct.

  3. All auditors may be required medical and immunization forms to Student Health Services before the end of the first week of class. The health services staff will contact you if you need to provide any information. 

  4. Auditors are eligible to apply for a weekly guest account that will enable access to myRedDragon services and allow for the use of college computer labs. Auditors are not eligible for a college email account.

  5. If your instructor requires you to have web access to Blackboard, you must contact the Help Center at 607-753-2500 or to learn how to access Blackboard.

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