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One Credit Courses

In collaboration with the Chemistry, English, Health and Sociology/Anthropology departments, the Extended Learning Office is pleased to share one credit learning opportunities available in the Spring 2023 semester.

All courses listed below are available online. Additional courses will be announced prior to the Spring semester.

Please visit the course schedule for complete course details.

THIRD QUARTER: Monday, January 23 – Friday, March 10


PWR 229: Grammar HIIT 2
CRN 27964
Online Asynchronous
Faculty: Dr. Laura Dunbar,

Designed to improve students’ competence with formal written English grammar. This writing-focused, asynchronous online course is designed to improve students’ grammatical proficiency in written English with an emphasis on identifying errors and the relationship between grammar and clarity.


HLH 129: Personal Stress Management
CRN 27853
Online Asynchronous
Faculty: Dr. Matthew Moyer,

Overview of the concept of stress with emphasis on techniques for managing stress effectively. The nature of stress and its impact on health and well-being will be explored along with methods of relaxation, and stress reduction from a personal perspective. Experiences in self-assessment of stress areas provided.


SOC 129: Introduction to Incarceration
CRN 28563
Online Asynchronous
Faculty: Dr. Stephanie Decker,

An overview of the history and current state of incarceration in the United States. Examines the inequalities of the penal system, recidivism rates, solitary confinement, and the private prison system.

FOURTH QUARTER: Monday, March 20 – Friday, May 12


SCI 120: Chemistry, Cannabis and Society
CRN 28562

Online Asynchronous
Faculty: Dr. Gregory Phelan,
An introduction to the cannabis plant Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica, the chemicals they produce, the extraction of these chemicals, their various uses, and connections to and impact on society.

For information related to course content, please contact the faculty members of each course.

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