Medical Leave of Absence (MLOA)

Taking a Medical Leave of Absence

If you wish to take a Medical Leave of Absence (MLOA) we strongly advise you to speak with the Associate Dean of your School, as well as your Financial Aid counselor before finalizing your decision.  A Counseling Center Request for Medical Leave of Absence  form should be completed in consultation with the Counseling Center in order for your leave to be reviewed and accepted, if it is based upon psychological or psychiatric reasons.  If you have been seen at the Counseling Center, then you should consult with your counselor to obtain an MLOA.

If you are not on campus, or if your treating medical provider is not on campus, then you should submit supporting psychological and/or psychiatric documentation in addition to the form.  This should be either copies of visit or treatment notes, as well as a typed letter, on letterhead, which is signed by your provider.  The supporting documentation should specifically state that the treating provider recommends a leave of absence be granted for psychiatric or psychological reasons.  The documentation should also include the diagnosis(es) which is/are the basis for the leave. In addition to the Counseling Center form, please also complete a copy of the Registrar's Medical Leave of Absence Form.

Returning from a Medical Leave of Absence

In order to insure that all students who take a Medical Leave of Absence are safe upon returning to campus, you MUST have your treating psychological/psychiatric provider complete and sign the Return from Medical Leave Form.  You will not be removed from the registration stop list until this form is received and reviewed by the Counseling Center. The Counseling Center will NOT accept Student Health forms, so please assure that you are using the correct Return from Medical Leave Form with your Provider.