What to Expect

Initial Assessment

Each student may have an initial assessment in which the student’s needs for treatment are assessed and treatment recommendations are made.  This may include referrals to other resources on campus and in the community.

After the initial assessment, it may be determined that a student’s needs exceed what can be accommodated by our short-term model and/or staff expertise.  Therefore under these circumstances, we may refer a student to a more appropriate level of care or to an alternate service provider in the area. 

Future Sessions

The Counseling Center provides time limited, brief  individual counseling (typically 8 sessions maximum  per semester) as well as unlimited group counseling sessions to currently enrolled SUNY Cortland students.   Most students at SUNY Cortland are seen for only 5 individual sessions, and find that their concerns can be resolved within that time frame.  Brief interventions appear to meet the needs of the majority of students seen at college counseling centers.

Myths and Misconceptions

  • Only weak people use counseling.
    • Life has its ups and downs for everyone. As humans, we all experience a wide range of emotions and life stressors.  Seeking help doesn't mean that you are weak - it actually is a sign of courage and strength to choose not to endure life's challenges alone.
  • Once you see one counselor, you've seen them all.
    • This is as true as the statement, "All people are the same." Try not to let your past experiences with counselors impact your expectations of us. Each counselor is different. So, if you don't happen to click with one individual, you can always see another member of our staff.
  • Counselors have all the answers.
    • Impossible! You are the only person who can really decide upon a satisfactory answer to your problem. But, we can help you in that discovery process.