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Undergraduate Change of Major/Minor/Concentration (PDF)

Used to officially change or declare a major, minor, or concentration. Once signed by student, forms should be dropped off at the department office of the new major, minor, or concentration.  Students are encouraged to consult the College Catalog for additional program admission requirements.

General Education Waiver (web based form)

Used by Transfer Students to elect course waivers in general education categories 11 or 12 based on the total number of credits completed prior to transfer to SUNY Cortland.  Note: Readmitted students and first-year students with college credit are not eligible for general education waivers. 

Permission to Transfer Credit from Another Institution (web based form for undergraduate students)

Allows undergraduate students to seek approval to complete courses at another institution and transfer the credit back to SUNY Cortland to fulfill degree requirements.  For more information about the process, visit the Transfer Credit Services website.  

Permission/Request to Transfer Graduate Credit (PDF) (for graduate students)

Allows graduate students to seek approval to transfer credit to Cortland to fulfill degree requirements.  Graduate students may seek permission prior to completing a course at another institution or request to transfer credit already completed as part of another graduate program.  Course descriptions and/or syllabi must be attached to the form.  For more information about the process, visit the Transfer Credit Services website. 

Supplement to Transfer Credit Evaluation (PDF) (for advisors only)

Used to request a change in a student's transfer credit evaluation.  Note: This form does not replace the Transfer Credit Appeal process.  

Request to Retake Transfer Credit (web based form)

Used by students to request to retake a course at Cortland for which they earned transfer credit.  For new students (at orientation or in first semester), transfer credit will be removed to allow for Cortland registration.  For current students (after completion of first semester), departments will "lift the retake flag" to allow for Cortland registration.  Current students retaking transfer courses are subject to all department policies and financial aid regarding retakes. 

Withdrawal from Course (web based form)

Used to withdraw from a course.  Please note that the deadline for withdrawing is November 15 in the Fall and April 15 in the Spring. Appropriate signatures must be obtained from the Associate Dean of your school before submitting this form for approval. 

3+2 Physics and Engineering (PDF)

Students enrolled in the 3+2 Physics and Engineering program use this form to indicate their transfer plans for their engineering coursework and plan for graduation. 

Additional Forms can be found on the Student Registration and Records Services Forms and Documents page.