Starfish for Students


Starfish is an online communication tool that offers you early and ongoing feedback regarding your academic success. The system also shows the people and offices that make up your support network. Communicating with your instructor, advisor, coach, or any support office you may need has never been easier. 

You may receive flag alert emails from Starfish indicating where a concern might be. You may also receive kudos (compliments) on how you are progressing. The notifications are to keep you in the loop on how you are progressing (see below for a full list of alerts).

Visit the Starfish Overview Video to learn more. 

To get you started, select the Starfish Tab in myRedDragon and then set up your institutional profile.
The following provides helpful information on notifications you may receive as well as video tutorials.

Just in time resource: How to set up an appointment with your academic advisor or instructor.

Flag Alerts

  • Attendance Concern - you will receive this alert if you are not attending class regularly.
  • Critical Attendance Concern - there is a critical issue with your attendance if you receive this flag alert so you should immediately follow-up with your instructor. 
  • Never Attended - your instructor will send this alert if you never attended class.
  • Academic Concern - you will receive this notification if you are not meeting course expectations as outlined from your instructor and in your syllabus.  
  • Critical Academic Concern - talk to your instructor immediately if you receive this alert.
  • At Risk For Failing - your instructor will raise this alert if you are at risk for failing the course.

Kudos Definition:

  • Keep Up the Good Work - you may receive a kudos from your instructor if you are performing well.
  • Outstanding Academic Performance - the name says it all...strive to receive this kudos alert!
  • Showing Improvement - if you are showing improvement in a course you may receive this good news!

Student Raised Flag Alerts:
If you are not sure where to get help, you can raise your hand and ask for assistance. There are four options: 

  • I Need Help In A Course - if you raise this for a particular course, your message will go directly to that  instructor.
  • I Need Help - if you are not sure where to go for assistance, raise your hand for this alert and someone in Advisement and Transition will assist you or guide you on where to get help.
  • I Need General Academic Help - if you raise this, your message will go to The Learning Center.
  • I Need Help With My Writing - if you raise this, your message will go to the Writing Center.

Success Network:

Every student will have a network of support that includes your instructors, academic advisor, associate dean, and potentially your coach, or another advisor if you are associated with CURE, EOP or Honors. These are the people or offices that make up your success network.

Your Services:

Every office on campus is here to help you. Two offices are highlighted in Your Services: The Learning Center and Advisement and Transition. Both offices have a focus on supporting your academic success.

Other Services:

This is an at a glance list of our student support offices available on campus and offers a brief explanation of their services along with contact information!

Video Tutorials:

Student Profile Set-up
Student Success Network
Request Help and History Tab
Dashboard and Messages

If you have questions, need help or want to provide feedback, please contact Advisement and Transition at 607-753-4726 or Thank you.

Helping you achieve academic success:

  • Go to class
  • Be prepared
  • Use and review your syllabus
  • Pay attention to details
  • Communicate with your instructors
  • If you are going to miss class, inform your instructor before hand
  • Ask questions
  • If you don’t understand the material, visit your instructor during office hours for assistance

Guide for Student Success

Advisement and Transition
Memorial Library
Room A-111
Phone: 607-753-4726
Fax: 607-753-5593
8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.