Transfer Credit Appeals

The transfer appeal process is designed for any student who does not agree with Cortland's determination of a course equivalency for credit earned at another institution.   This process specifically evaluates coursework for direct equivalency.  Requests to evaluate transfer coursework to meet general education learning outcomes or other course substitutions will be directed to the student's associate dean. 

If you are interested in appealing a transfer course, you should:

  1. Obtain a syllabus for the course from your previous institution.
  2. Make an appointment with the Transfer Credit Evaluator in the Advisement and Transition Office by calling 607-753-4726.
  3. The Transfer Credit Evaluator will discuss the course with you. If a change in evaluation can be agreed upon, your record will be updated. If not, you can request that your appeal be forwarded to the faculty chair of the department offering the course.  At that time, you will have the opportunity to write a brief rationale of your request to accompany the syllabus to the department. 
  4. The Transfer Credit Evaluator will follow-up with you regarding the department's decision.

 If your appeal is denied:

  1. You can request that the decision of the department chair be forwarded to the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs. To do so, contact Advisement and Transition. The Provost's decision constitutes the final campus decision.
  2. Students who transferred to SUNY Cortland from SUNY campuses in associate degree programs may appeal the final campus decision to the Provost at SUNY System Administration. For more information on this process, visit the SUNY Transfer Appeal website.