Forms for Faculty and Staff

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Forms for Advising

Forms for Instruction

  • Blackboard Observer Access (PDF Form)
    This form is used to provide access to SUNY Cortland instructors, supplemental instruction leaders, tutors and assistants with student auditing level access to a Blackboard course.  Observers do NOT have editing or faculty level access.
  • Co-Instructor Authorization (PDF Form)
    Department chairs and instructors will use this form to authorize multiple instructors for a course. This will grant access to the course in Blackboard, in addition to listing the instructor as a co-instructor on the official schedule.
  • Help Center Confidentiality Agreement for Teaching / Graduate Assistants (Web Based Form)
    Provides student access to Blackboard using specialized roles for students. Students should not be granted INB and SSB instructor access unless they are adjunct instructors. 

Forms for Academic Departments and Programs

  • Course Changes & Additions Form (PDF)
    Department chairs and Deans will use this form to authorize any changes to courses or addition of new courses once Proofs have been completed and we have passed the schedule lock deadline. Changes include room changes requests, instructor changes, day/time changes, modality changes, special topics title changes, cross listed course changes, section number/restriction changes, etc.
  • Self-Service Access and Faculty Assignment Request  (Web-Based Form)
    This form is used to request the assignment or removal of myRedDragon (MRD) access to advising and faculty tools within the portal for current faculty and staff and/or to designate newly hired faculty members (new hires and new adjunct faculty) to be associated with courses on the schedule of classes. To be completed by department heads or department staff

Online Form Approval & Workflow

  • Approving Online Forms
    Instructors, faculty and staff may receive forms requesting their approval or response from the Registrar's Office form workflow. The following resources and guides are available for reference.

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