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Understanding Your Credit Evaluation and Degree Audit

For new students, your transfer credits will be evaluated after you pay your admissions deposit.  You will be notified via email that your evaluation is complete and that you can now access your Degree Works audit.  Your Degree Works audit displays how your transfer credit was accepted by SUNY Cortland as well as how your credit fulfills degree requirements in your program.  The audit is a multi-use academic tool that you will use for advisement and to track your academic progress through graduation.  

To access your Degree Works audit:

  • Login to your myRedDragon account.
  • For first time myRedDragon users, get your username.
  • Degree Works for new students is found on the Admissions tab in the Academic Profile box. 
  • Once your audit loads, click the "Process New" button on the top of the audit to ensure you are viewing the most up to date information. 

Academic History and Transfer Course List

The Academic History link can be found at the top of the worksheet and outlines all completed courses.  Click the link to view all of your accepted transfer credit, including the source of the credit (transfer course and transfer college). 

Academic History link

Course list in Academic History





Degree Works Header

Degree Works header information

Watch this brief video to review the Degree Works header.

The header area of your audit details your class year, degree, major and other academic information.  This is where you can view your total transfer credits and your transfer degree, if earned.  Please note that your initial credit evaluation may not include your final semester of courses.  Remember to send a final transcript from your previous institution that reflects your final grades, and your credit evaluation will be updated.

Your initial GPA at Cortland will be a 0.0.  While credits transfer, your GPA will be calculated based solely by grades earned in Cortland courses.  An academic advisor will be assigned to you near the start of your first semester. 

Degree Progress Bars

Degree progress bars allow you to visualize your progress toward your degree.  Both bars need to be at 100% to reach graduation. 

Degree progress bars

Degree Requirements

Watch this brief video to review the Degree Works areas.

The degree block will detail the total credits required for your degree as well as all the components that make up your Cortland degree.  You must complete half of all required courses in your major in residence at Cortland as well as a minimum of 30 credits overall to earn a degree.  Only certain majors need activity/participation credit, such as Physical Education or Exercise Science.  The requirement will show as complete even with no courses.  A maximum of 8 activity/participation credits can be used toward most degrees. 

Degree block

Major GPA

This area will track courses in your major that will calculate your major GPA.  Your major GPA will differ from your overall GPA.  Minimally, you must have a 2.0 major GPA to graduate.  Certain majors require higher minimum major GPAs to remain in good standing in the program.  Your major GPA can be used to allow for enrollment in internships, student teaching, or certain courses. 

Major GPA block


Major Requirements

This area will define the requirements that must be fulfilled for the major.  It will also indicate how many credits make up half of your major for the residency requirement.  In any category where you have a choice to fulfill the requirement, the choices are listed.  For specific courses not yet fulfilled, the course is a link to the course description and more information about the course.

Major block

General Education  

This area will define the SUNY and Cortland general education requirements, categories 1-12, that all students need to fulfill in order to graduate.  

For students transferring from another SUNY institution, a designation such as "CGE 101 Met: prior SUNY School" may appear for a specific GE category.  This designation verifies that you completed the general education course at your previous institution; the grade is "M" for "met."  This designation is added to your record in addition to the corresponding course, which may appear in another section of your audit.

For students transferring in over 35 credits, two GE waivers are applied to categories 11 and 12.  The designation "CGE 1XX: Cortland GE Waiver" will appear.  For students transferring in between 20-34.5 credits, GE Waivers will be applied to your record after consultation with your academic advisor and submission of the GE Waiver form

DW GE block

Cortland Degree Requirements - Foreign Language and Writing Intensive

Your foreign language requirement will depend on your major and type of degree you are seeking (e.g. BA or BS).  All students must also complete 6 credits of writing intensive coursework.  Writing intensive courses cannot be transferred to SUNY Cortland.

foreign language and writing intensive

Liberal Arts and Science Requirements

This area will identify and track the courses that fulfill the liberal arts requirement for your major.  Many of the courses in your major requirement section and general education section will also appear in this section. Bachelor's of Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor's of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degrees require 90 credits of liberal arts.  Bachelor's of Science (B.S.) and Bachelor's of Science in Education (B.S.Ed.) degrees require 60 credits.


This area will show courses that do not apply directly to the major/program you have chosen and do not fulfill liberal arts and science requirements.  Electives do count in your overall credit totals.  For courses that transferred as elective credit without an equivalent course at Cortland, a course number such as 1XX may appear.


Other Sections

As you register and complete courses at Cortland, the other sections of your audit will track your in-progress courses, any course you withdrew from, repeated, or failed, or courses which are not applicable to your degree. 

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