Special Features

Outstanding Faculty SUNY Cortland boasts a significant number of excellent teachers dedicated to undergraduate education. Many of these distinguished teachers are active and regular participants in Honors instruction.

Early Registration All honors students are entitled to register early for the first five semesters of their matriculation at Cortland. Thus, during the most critical phase of both their general coursework and their preliminary coursework in their chosen majors, they receive priority enrollment for their required and elective classes.

Special Activities The Honors Program offers activities for all honors students to take part in as a group, including trips to concerts and plays, visits to museums, and other cultural events. 

Honors Convocation All Honors Program students who qualify will be invited to participate in the annual Honors Convocation which acknowledges the academic achievements of Cortland's outstanding students.

Honors Lounge Honors students have exclusive use of the honors lounge. Open daily, it offers a quiet space to study and relax. An adjacent computer room provides Internet access and printing capability.

Guaranteed On-Campus Housing Students enrolling in the Honors Program will be guaranteed on-campus housing for their entire four years at the college. If Honors students chose to move off campus junior year, there is no guarantee they will be able to move back on campus. Students who might have reason to request housing in a different residence hall are usually accommodated.