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Applications for the Fine Teaching Development Award, conceived to benefit pre-tenure tenure-track faculty by allowing for a one-course, one semester reduction in teaching load, are due Thursday, March 15, in the Faculty Development Center (FDC), Memorial Library, Room B-303.

One award is granted to one applicant each academic year. The course reduction may take place either in the fall or spring semester, at the behest of the applicant. The Robert and Bette Fine Faculty Development Fund, established in 2006 by Peter Fine, supports this award.

Unlike other grants bestowed on campus, the Fine Teaching Development Award is a competitive award that allows for a decrease in course load to accommodate the pursuit of superior teaching practices, methods or techniques for use in the classroom.

Details on eligibility, criteria for selection, required documentation and the application form are available online:

Award Guidelines 

Application Form

For more information, email Faculty Development Center Director Karla Alwes, or call her at (607) 753-2085.