Fine Teaching Development Award


The Fine Teaching Development Award was conceived to benefit pre-tenure, tenure-track faculty by allowing for a one-course, one semester reduction in teaching load. One award is granted to one applicant each academic year. The successful applicant may choose whether the course reduction will take place in the fall or spring semester. The award is funded by the Robert and Bette Fine Faculty Development Fund, established in 2006 by Dr. Peter Fine.

Unlike other grants bestowed on campus, the Fine Teaching Development Award is a competitive award that allows for a decrease in course load to accommodate the pursuit of superior teaching practices, methods or techniques for use in the classroom. Application materials are due by March 15. In the event that the deadline falls on a weekend, applications are due the following Monday.


Eligibility is open to pre-tenure, tenure-track faculty teaching at the graduate or undergraduate level who carry a tenure-track teaching load as defined by SUNY College at Cortland, and have completed at least two semesters of teaching at SUNY College at Cortland prior to the year of application. There will be a one-year waiting period before an unsuccessful candidate may apply again.

Criteria for Selection

The FDC Committee serves as the peer review body for this award. In making determinations regarding the award, the FDC evaluates applications based on the following criteria, listed in order of importance:

  1. The intellectual quality of the project
  2. The potential significance and impact on students
  3. Clarity of the stated objectives
  4. Thoroughness and detail of planning
  5. Feasibility of the project’s completion in one semester

Selection Process

Applications for the Fine Teaching Development Award will be sought through a campus-wide email announcement. The Director of the Faculty Development Center will receive the application materials and the Faculty Development Committee will serve as the peer review body for this award.

All application materials, with the requisite signatures, must be received no later than March 15 to the Faculty Development Center, Brockway Hall, Room 216.
The committee will complete its deliberations in late March, and all candidates will be notified of the outcome immediately. The successful candidate is required to produce a one-page summary outlining the results of the project at the end of the award period.

Documentation Required of Candidates

Please submit all of the following information in this order:

  1. Completed Fine Teaching Development Award Application Form (as cover sheet) signed by the applicant, department chair and dean or division head.
  2. Narrative of the project. A two to three page summary of the project should include the following:
    • Specific teaching method, technique or project you plan to pursue
    • Significance of the project with special regard to its use in the classroom
    • Long-term effect of the project on future classroom populations
  3. Curriculum Vitae - 2 page maximum
  4. Statement of Teaching Philosophy - no more than 1 page