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Greetings and welcome to SUNY Cortland Memorial Library. When you walk through our doors, you will find the tools and assistance you need to be a successful student or faculty member at SUNY Cortland. The library has computer labs, multimedia studios, books, journals and online resources to help you study, research and entertain yourself. There are comfortable places to study alone or in groups.

The library employs faculty and staff dedicated to assist you with your technology and information needs. Through library services and the The Help Center, we provide “information and technology all in one place.” Your questions and requests for assistance help us make that vision a reality. If you don’t find what you need, ask for assistance and we will provide the help and get the information you need.

If you need research assistance during the hours we are closed, a student or faculty member can log in to MyRedDragon and find the Library Tab and the Tech Help Tab to continue to use the online resources of the library.

Memorial Library Vision and Mission Statement


Memorial Library is an integral part of the SUNY Cortland academic community and supports the vision of diverse learning experiences by expanding the classroom experience with information, resources, technology and assistance in community oriented spaces.


The mission of Memorial Library is to foster individual and collaborative research, learning, teaching, and scholarly creation, to enable our college community members to navigate the worlds of information and knowledge.

Student Employment

Are you a student who wants to work at the library?

The library employs more than 60 students per semester; many working all four years. There are a variety of jobs and hours available, including working with technology, staffing public service counters, shelving and other tasks. We rely on our student employees to keep the library running smoothly during all hours of operation.

You can apply all year round, with the optimal time being a few weeks before the semester until just after the semester begins. To apply, select the application link to download the form and fill it out. If you are interested in the Tech Help call center you should also submit a basic resume.

Please return completed forms and resumes to Sherry Ellis at the The Help Center located in the library lobby. If you have any questions, contact Mrs. Ellis by email at

Library Employment Application

Library Newsletter

Spring 2014

Research Appointments

Our subject liaisons are available to provide one-on-one and small group research appointments for students and faculty. Attending a research help appointment is a great way to gather resources for a specific project, learn about our best bet resources, and explore searching strategies...View full newsletter


The Help Center

The Help Center provides you with assistance with technology problems and questions, as well as questions about library services. At this desk, located in the main lobby, you can borrow laptops for in-house use, pick up reserves and interlibrary loans, ask questions about software and printers, and check out books. It is information and technology all in one place. Help is available by telephone (ext. 2500), walk-up, and email (

Library Services

There are an array of services focused on making your library experience a good one. Interlibrary loan allows us to borrow from other libraries when we don’t have the materials you need. The online databases provides you strong access to a breadth and depth of knowledge on the topics you are researching. Reference and Research services provides knowledgeable assistance with your assignments and research needs. The important thing to remember is if you need help, please ask at any of the faculty and staff of the library.

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Library Resources

The library provides you with many different kinds of resources in many different formats. The library isn’t just books but is also digital resources, online resources, journals, and newspapers. The library provides equipment for check-out: laptops, cameras, hard drives and more are available to help you in your studies. There are books to help with course work and research as well as books for pleasure reading. The library is also a comfortable place to study alone in study carrels or at a table, or to study in groups.

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