Dear Parents and Family Members:

President Erik J. Bitterbaum sent the following message to our students as we approach this Saturday's Cortaca Jug football game.  We would appreciate your help by continuing to have conversations with your student about how important it is to make good choices.

C. Gregory Sharer
VP for Student Affairs


On Saturday, November 12, SUNY Cortland will host the Cortaca Jug.  This year's game is the 75th meeting of the SUNY Cortland and Ithaca football teams and the 58th competition vying for possession of the legendary Cortaca Jug.

SUNY Cortland is looking to extend its Cortaca winning streak to an unprecedented seven games.  I urge all students to enjoy this extraordinary event and make it a truly memorable experience - for all the right reasons.

Many of us are painfully aware that destructive student behavior off the field can quickly eclipse decades of proud tradition.  That is what happened in Cortland on the day of Cortaca a few years ago.  Some of you may remember the public calls for the game's cancellation and our promise to the community that the events of 2013 would never happen again.

It is in your best interest to help us keep that promise. Students who demean the Cortaca Jug tradition by defining it solely as a weekend of underage drinking, random property destruction, lewd social media posts and potentially life-threatening behavior will be met with considerably strengthened security and law enforcement.  This effort includes a greater police presence, strengthened city ordinances, increased city fines and streamlined procedures aimed at allowing officers to make all arrests that are warranted.  Both law enforcement agencies and the College will be closely monitoring all social media, none of which are as anonymous as many students think they are.  Please remember that unthinking actions -- whether a drunken Tweet or a damaged car or house -- can delay or end the careers all of you are working so hard toward.

The vast majority of our students do a great job celebrating Cortaca Jug without engaging in dangerous or descructive behavior.  We are counting on all of you to once again have fun while respecting the rights of others.

So please, enjoy the campus activities surrounding this year's Cortaca Jug.  Control any firends who come to visit you, and be mindful of your actions.  This is Cortaca Jug, the greatest football tradition in Division III athletics and a part of what makes SUNY Cortland -- your college and part of your permanent reputation -- a unique educational experience.

All the best,

Erik J. Bitterbaum
SUNY Cortland

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