Tobacco-Free SUNY Cortland

SUNY Cortland has long embraced a culture of health and wellness that attracts active, well-rounded students. It is one of the common themes that helps link more than 7,000 students from different backgrounds, interests and outlooks into a single, vibrant campus community.

This community is active. SUNY Cortland has the largest and most respected physical education program in the Northeast and is a leader in health, recreation, biology and exercise science education. Our Division III athletes are ranked among the best in the nation, and more than half of our students participate in one of 61 intramural sports or activities.

Our culture of well-being extends far beyond the campus. A majority of our students graduate with teaching credentials; the life habits, behaviors and perceptions of wellness they develop at Cortland, will accompany them into the classroom and affect young, impressionable minds.

The health threats of tobacco use have long been established, yet some people may still wonder how we could ask our students, faculty and visitors to refrain from using tobacco products on campus since Jan.1, 2013.

The question should be, how could we not?

Tobacco Free Logo

Blaze holding "SUNY Cortland is Tobacco-Free - Please support our commitment to wellness" sign.