Do you offer scholarships?

Yes! SUNY Cortland offers merit-based scholarships to both incoming freshman and transfer students. All merit scholarship recipients are notified in their letter of acceptance to SUNY Cortland. Additionally, accepted students can follow these scholarship instructions to apply for a wide range of endowed scholarships.

Can Freshmen have cars on campus?

Yes! Every student is welcome to have a vehicle on campus, provided they've registered and received a parking permit from the University Police Department. Campus Parking Information

Do you require an interview?

Interviews are not required as part of the application process.

Do you have a legacy scholarship program?

While we do not offer any type of Legacy Scholarship program, we do have an opportunity for alumni of SUNY Cortland to recommend prospective students to us via the Alumni Admissions Program.  If you know an alum (that's not related to you) who might be interested in writing a recommendation on your behalf, please refer them to the Alumni Admission Program Nomination form on our application website.

Are internships available?

Yes! Over 80% of our students complete hands-on experience. Many of our students intern at very well-known companies and organizations locally, throughout US and abroad. Learn more about Internship opportunities

Do you have any special admissions options?

The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) is available to qualified incoming freshman and transfer students; and Special Talent Admission may be utilized for students that demonstrate exceptional abilities in performing or visual arts, athletics or writing.

Do you have Study Abroad?

Yes! SUNY Cortland has one of the largest Study Abroad programs in the SUNY system. We offer semester, academic year, summer and winter break options. Explore your study abroad options at SUNY Cortland

Can I change the major I applied for?

It is possible to select a different major after applying. You'll need to send a brief email to admissions@cortland.edu stating your full name and date of birth as well as the major you applied for and the major you’d like to switch to. We will let you know when that change has been made or notify you in the event that we cannot accommodate your request.

How many students return sophomore year?

Approximately 84 percent.

Is living on campus required?

Yes, freshmen are required to live on campus for the first two years, and transfers are required to live on campus for one year. After that, students may remain on campus in our upperclassmen housing or move off campus.

Are the residence halls coed?

All residence halls are coed by floor for the high-rise and suite-style buildings or by wing for the low-rise and corridor-style buildings.

How many students live on campus?

51 percent live on campus
49 percent live off campus

Where are most students from?

The majority of our students are from New York State, but we receive many applications from the surrounding states in the Northeast and along the East Coast.  We have students 28 states and 18 countries!

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