Do I need to declare a major on my application?

Freshmen are not required to apply for a specific major. If you know what major you would like, definitely put that on your application. If not, applying as “undecided” will not hurt your chances of admission.

Transfer applicants are required to select a major.

Do you require an interview?

Interviews are not required as part of the application process.

My counselor said my transcript was already mailed/uploaded. How come it isn't in my application yet?

This is a very busy time of year for us and we receive hundreds of pieces of mail and uploaded application materials every day. It takes time to open the mail, scan it into our computers and attach your transcript to your application. Don’t be alarmed if you learn that your transcript is not in your application yet, even though you know it’s been sent. It’s probably in our office being processed. 

Should I take both best SAT and ACT?

We will use your best test scores, whether it’s an SAT (Math and Critical Reading) or an ACT. It’s in your best interest to send us all of the scores from tests you’ve taken, so we can make sure we’ve got your best ones.

Standardized test scores are typically not required for transfer applicants.

Do you have a legacy scholarship program?

While we do not offer any type of Legacy Scholarship program, we do have an opportunity for alumni of SUNY Cortland to recommend prospective students to us via the Alumni Admissions Program.  If you know an alum (that's not related to you) who might be interested in writing a recommendation on your behalf, please refer them to the Alumni Admission Program Nomination form on our application website.

I applied for regular admission, but my counselor said I might be eligible for the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP). How can I switch my application?
If you’d like to be considered for EOP instead of regular admission (or regular admission instead of EOP) please call or send an email to the Admissions Office. We’d be happy to update your application for you. Transfer applicants must be currently enrolled in an opportunity program to be eligible for EOP at SUNY Cortland.
I received a postcard in the mail asking me for additional SAT or ACT scores, but I didn't take the test again. Why did I receive this?

You may not have any additional SAT or ACT scores to send us, but as a means to be thorough, sometimes we send out requests if we think there’s a chance there’s more information out there that could help us in reviewing your application.

Transfer students may receive requests asking for mid-semester grades (which are not always provided by your college). There is a form for this that can be downloaded from our transfer admissions Web page, and we can assist you with getting that information. If at any time you have questions about anything you receive from Cortland, please don’t hesitate to call or email us.

Can I change the major I applied for?

It is possible to select a different major after applying. You'll need to send a brief email to admissions@cortland.edu stating your full name and date of birth as well as the major you applied for and the major you’d like to switch to. We will let you know when that change has been made or notify you in the event that we cannot accommodate your request.

How many students return sophomore year?

Approximately 84 percent.

Is living on campus required?

Yes, freshmen are required to live on campus for the first two years, and transfers are required to live on campus for one year. After that, students may remain on campus in our upperclassmen housing or move off campus.

Are the residence halls coed?

All residence halls are coed by floor for the high-rise and suite-style buildings or by wing for the low-rise and corridor-style buildings.

How many students live on campus?

51 percent live on campus
49 percent live off campus

Where are most students from?

The majority of our students are from New York State, but we receive many applications from the surrounding states in the Northeast

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