SUNY Cortland offers a wide range of scholarships that are funded by the Cortland College Foundation, SUNY Cortland Alumni Association, the College and other groups. These awards are made possible by the generous donations of alumni, philanthropic groups, corporations, faculty, staff, emeriti and other friends of the College.

It is important to understand that scholarships are both an academic honor and a funding vehicle. The financial aspects of scholarships are governed by rules and regulations and are administered by the Financial Aid Office.

Each year, SUNY Cortland provides over $1 million in scholarship assistance to more than 1,000 students. View SUNY Cortland scholarship opportunities and be sure to visit the How to Apply page for application instructions.

Scholarship Sources                                                                                            

Excelsior Scholarship

The College is proud to participate in this first-of-its-kind program, which offers free tuition to eligible students from middle-class families in New York state. Visit the Excelsior Scholarship page to learn more.

The application for Fall 2017 will be open from June 7, 2017, to July 21, 2017.

SUNY Cortland “Apply to” Scholarships

Apply to scholarships require students to apply online and may be based on academic performance, financial need and/or other donor required criteria. Scholarship applications for the 2017-18 academic year will be accepted from Nov. 15, 2016, through Feb. 1, 2017.

View the How to Apply page for application instructions.

SUNY Cortland “Automatic Selection” Scholarships

Automatic selection scholarships are merit based and do not require a supplemental scholarship application. Eligibility is determined at time of admission. These competitive scholarships are limited in number and are awarded annually on a rolling basis early in the scholarship cycle. Meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee a scholarship.

Study Abroad Scholarships

SUNY Cortland awards thousands of dollars in Study Abroad Scholarships each year. For more specific information, please read more about study abroad scholarships.

Non SUNY Cortland Scholarships

There are external/private scholarship funds available to students of all qualifications, abilities, and interests. These external scholarships may be provided by private donors, foundations, businesses and many other sources outside of SUNY Cortland. View the external scholarship page for more information.

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