Scholarship Coordinator

Financial Aid Office
Miller Building, Room 205
Phone: 607-753-4717
Fax: 607-753-5990

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External Scholarships

External scholarships are those offered by other organizations, companies, etc. Any external scholarship information received that is pertinent to SUNY Cortland students is added to the SUNY Cortland Scholarship Opportunities site. The External tab will reveal the opportunities.

Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship

Learn more about the Noyce Scholarship, a great opportunity for science, technology, engineering, mathematics and economics undergraduates and professionals interested in pursuing a teaching career.      

National Scholarships 

Numerous elite scholarships and fellowships are available and can be viewed at the Student Scholarship Opportunities page.

Scholarship Search Engines




All scholarships that a student receives must be counted toward the financial aid package. Please notify the Financial Aid Office about any external scholarships or grants you have received.