How to Apply for Scholarships

Search for Scholarships

Read the directions below and then visit the SUNY Cortland Scholarship Opportunities site.

Browse the scholarships individually or use Search and use the filters to narrow the results.

If you know the name of the scholarship you are looking for, do a search on the name of the scholarship. For example: Kristen O'Neil Memorial Scholarship, search on O'Neil.

The External tab takes you to scholarship opportunities that are offered by an organization outside SUNY Cortland.

Applying for Scholarships

To start the application process, select Sign In (upper right corner of page).

Sign in to myRedDragon. This will take you to your myRedDragon page. Once you enter your username and password, the system will take you directly to the general application.

Please fill out the Personal Information on the General Application. When complete, select Finish and Continue. The system will upload your additional information into the Student Record (GPA, Major etc.).  In some cases, student information has already been loaded into the system.  You may already see your information in the Student Record.  Be aware you will still need to fill out the General Application.

The system will show you a list of Recommended Opportunities based on your specific information (major, GPA, financial need etc.). It still is necessary to read the scholarship descriptions before you apply. For instance you will probably have the Kristen O'Neil Scholarship on your list of recommended scholarships, but if you have not been involved with a sport club for at least two semesters, you probably shouldn't apply.

Under Opportunities you will also see how many additional supplemental questions you need to answer to apply for a scholarship.  When you select Apply the supplemental questions will appear. 

You may save and keep editing or finish the application and submit. However, please realize that you may go back to your application to update it as many times as you need to, even if you chose Finish and Submit, prior to the deadline date.

Reference Letters

One reason to apply for scholarships early is because some applications require reference letters. You should always give a reference provider plenty of time to write a letter on your behalf. Speak with your chosen reference provider in person or on the phone so they know to be expecting a special email.

An application that requires reference letters will have a section where you fill in your reference provider's name and email address. He or she will be notified via email and given a special link to the system to upload the letter.

Application Deadlines

Freshmen and Transfer Student Scholarships

There is no separate scholarship application for Freshmen and Transfer students.  Incoming students are automatically considered for the SUNY Cortland Merit and Cortland College Foundation scholarships when they apply for admission to the College.  Students are informed in their letter of admission whether or not they are being offered a scholarship.  A follow-up letter from the scholarship coordinator will follow.

  • One Exception to the No Scholarship Application Rule

The John Fantauzzi ’58 Scholarship for entering freshmen does require an application. 

The John Fantauzzi ’58 scholarship is awarded to children of immigrants to the United States (first- and second-generation American students) who have high academic achievement and leadership skills with the potential to contribute to SUNY Cortland’s student life.

Acceptance to SUNY Cortland is required. You will need to have your Cortland ID number and access to the myRedDragon system in order to apply.

Continuing Student Scholarships

Continuing student scholarships are for returning sophomores, juniors and seniors.  An application is normally required.  The application deadline for continuing student scholarships is February 1st unless otherwise noted.

Students apply well in advance of the date the scholarship will actually be used.  The February 1st application deadline date is for scholarships that will be applied to the next academic year’s financial aid package.

(example: February 1, 2014 deadline for scholarships that will be applied to financial aid packages 50% fall 2014 and 50% spring 2015)

Students applying as a current senior must have one full year of study remaining at the start of the next academic year or they are not qualified.

Graduate Student Scholarships

There are a few scholarship opportunities available for graduate students.  Once you read “How to Apply,” type the words “graduate student” into the search box to find them.

Thank You Letters 

Thank you letters are required before a scholarship will be allowed to pay to your student account. Please review the samples and read about what to include in your letter.

Scholarship Coordinator

Financial Aid Office
Miller Building, Room 205
Phone: 607-753-4717
Fax: 607-753-5990