Dear Parents and Family Members:

We recently reminded off-campus students about some things to consider before leaving town for the break:

  • Forward mail or have it held at the post office until they return. This can be done electronically through the;
  • If they want their house/apartment to look like someone is still living there, put a light or two on a timer;
  • Take home valuables -- computers, other electronics, credit cards, banking information, good jewelry, car and house keys, etc. Student housing is often targeted for robberies during times when classes are not in session. Minimally, do not leave things in plain sight. Note that top dresser drawer, under the mattress, and in the freezer will be places they will look;
  • Lock all doors and windows and don't forget fire escape access points. Close curtains on the ground floor;
  • Turn down the heat a bit -- mid 60's should keep the bill down and pipes from freezing. Do NOT turn the heat off;
  • Take out the garbage, clean out the refrigerator and cabinets of food that will go bad, stink, and attract mice or rats;
  • Consider donating non-perishable food to the SUNY Cortland Cupboard (College food pantry) or to the City's Loaves and Fishes program, especially if you are not coming back, next semester;
  • Take care of recyclables -- bring back those cans and bottles;
  • Tell the landlord when you plan to leave and return. Why? So they can plan needed repairs and/or upgrades and know when the property will not be occupied;
  • Planning to leave your car in town? Remove all valuables, close windows and lock doors. Remember cars cannot be left in the street or on grass;
  • Not returning this spring? Clean the apartment/house. Read the lease and see what else might need to be taken care of.
    • Take pictures/video of condition of house in case needed (to help get back security/damage deposits)
    • Know what to do with keys as when leaving town for the last time

On campus students have residence hall check out policies. Those students should check with their residence hall staff if they are unfamiliar with what they need to do.

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Keep in touch with your student by sending a package from home and we’ll be sure your student receives it promptly.

Check schedules for the weekend and break buses so your student can make arrangements to travel home and return to campus.  For other transportation needs within and to/from Cortland, visit the Way 2 Go Cortland site.

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Your student’s success stems from the care, concern and support you and your family provide, as well as what we offer at SUNY Cortland.

Our campus benefits include everything from that all-important Internet and email connection to an enjoyable and safe residence life, a variety of social and recreational activities, health and wellness resources, academic support and career services.

You can count on SUNY Cortland’s dedicated faculty and staff members to help your student succeed.

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For many students, SUNY Cortland is a gateway to educational opportunities and professional success that otherwise might have been out of reach. We invite you to contribute to our mission by taking advantage of the many opportunities for giving.

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For Parents of International Students

Supporting your student’s education, especially at a college located in a different country and culture, can be exciting and concerning. You can rest assured that SUNY Cortland faculty members, staff, students and programs are focused on your student’s well-being. Visit our International Students and Scholars page to learn more about helping your student prepare for a successful experience.

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Academic Advising

Every student comes to college with his or her own distinct set of talents, experiences and goals. There are some shared experiences among students, but your student’s experience will be a unique journey.  Because you are important to your student’s success, we see you as a part of the SUNY Cortland community and welcome you along with your student. 

New students are assigned to academic advisors from their major department early in the fall semester. For students who are undecided about what they eventually will choose for a major, the College has a Pre-Major Program with special advisement. Advisors for the Pre-Major Program are assigned through Advisement and Transition.  Students can view their academic advisor (name and contact information) through myRedDragon.

Resources and important dates:

Drop/Add – first 5 days of classes.
Recommended Change of Major Deadline - Oct. 1
Mid-semester estimates available – mid Oct.
Deadline to withdraw from a semester course – Nov. 15