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SUNY Cortland Among Best in State in Special Education


SUNY Cortland takes pride in producing great teachers.

The College’s Foundations and Social Advocacy Department, which prepares candidates for careers in working with students with special needs, was recently recognized as one of the best in New York. Zippia.com ranked SUNY Cortland as the fourth-best special education school in the state.

Zippia used data from the National Center for Education Statistics and the Department of Education in forming its rankings. The criteria included career earnings, the percentage of recent graduating classes that majored in inclusive education and each college’s admission rate, graduation rate and average cost of attendance.

Earlier this year, SUNY Cortland was ranked No. 23 nationally for its special education program by CollegeChoice.net.

The Foundations and Social Advocacy Department offers student teaching and fieldwork experiences to prepare students for all teaching environments. Graduate programs are available for master’s degrees in teaching students with disabilities or Certificate in Advanced Study (C.A.S) in educational administration.

The department is transitioning to the inclusive childhood education (IEC) major, which is a dual-certification program that prepares students to teach in elementary schools as well as teach those with disabilities.

SUNY Cortland’s inclusive childhood education major offers student teaching opportunities in urban, suburban and rural settings to further prepare students for careers. The program includes a semester-long student teaching experience with mentors in general and special education.