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Foundations and Social Advocacy

As an inclusive childhood education major, you’ll gain the knowledge, skills and experiences to teach children who have disabilities in grade 1-6 classrooms. The program draws on best practices to prepare teachers for all school environments with an emphasis on urban schools.

Student teaching and fieldwork provide real-world experience that brings classroom learning to life. Through our program, you’ll develop habits for lifelong learning, collaborate with professionals and families in high-need communities and promote equity and excellence.

The department also offers courses in multicultural and urban education, the role of gender in schooling and the relationship between schools and society.

Master’s degree programs in teaching students with disabilities for either grades 1-6 or 7-12 are available if you already have teaching certification.

If you wish to become a school or district leader and have a master's degree, there are four programs that satisfy the requirements for a Certificate in Advanced Study (C.A.S.) in Educational Administration.

Demand for good teachers is high in this critically important field. Cortland has a stellar reputation for preparing great teachers and capable leaders.


European Union Award Puts College in Select Company

SUNY Cortland will develop a three-year program on the European Union with a grant awarded to three U.S. institutions.

College and Community to Celebrate ADA Anniversary

A local celebration of the Americans with Disabilities Act takes place Saturday, July 25.

Devoted Teacher Helps Youngsters See Themselves in College

Heather Kelly Marzullo brings students from a high-needs school to the College for a taste of campus life.

LeAlan Jones Talk to Take Place

The accomplished author, a product of Chicago's housing projects, speaks at 7 p.m.

Panel Presentation Considers Urban Education

High school students from Rochester, N.Y., talk about urban education Tuesday, Oct. 8.


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