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Outstanding Non-Traditional Students Recognized

In honor of Non-Traditional Students’ Week, which took place from Nov. 4 to 10, the campus community was asked to recognize students who balance college with family, jobs and other commitments. 

Faculty, staff members and students submitted 45 names, with some students receiving nominations by more than one person.

A certificate of recognition and a SUNY Cortland pen was given to the following students in recognition of their hard work and commitment:

Michael Adams

John Carlisle

Thomas Chrysler

Lisa Clark

Christopher Coles

Eric Conklin

Lorraine Cornell

William Creedon

Roxanne Crumb

Kristin Dodds

Michael Doyle

Krista Fizette

Natascha Franco St. Clair

Carol Lee Fritz

Matthew Gallets

Gonda Gebhardt

Amy Glann

Julie Gorman

Emilee Gottlieb

Adam Graham

Valorie Gunther

Liselotte Hammond

Matthew Hayes

Sheryl Holbrook

Christopher Kinney

Douglas LaFave

Kierstin Luschwitz

Kendra Mancuso

Elizabeth McEver

Kevin Morris

Farrah Predestin

Tracey Prokop

Nicole Roulstin

Adam Rusiewicz

Sheila Shea

Heather Thomas Champion

John Triana

Rosie White

April Williamson

This program is sponsored by the Advisement and Transition office.  For more information, contact Cheryl Hines, advisement and transition, at (607) 753-4726.