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“It’s On Us” may be on your bathroom stall door.

College workers last month began installing permanent informational stickers to the backs of toilet stall doors in men’s and women’s restrooms throughout campus.

The stickers provide resource information about sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking and sexual harassment. 

Based on similar programs at other colleges, the stickers are considered an effective way to provide this critical information to people who may need it in a private way, according to Nan Pasquarello, the College’s interim Title IX director.

The program is part of SUNY Cortland’s ongoing “It’s On Us” initiative to educate students about sexual assault. Students always are encouraged to intervene in situations in which non-consensual sex seems likely to occur, reinforce that sexual assault is unacceptable and support victims.

Sexual contact is considered to be consensual only when both parties have clearly and unambiguously indicated they want it to happen. Anything short of that is considered to be sexual assault.

The installation of stickers will continue in residence halls throughout the summer and into next fall.