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Classified Staff Recognized for Years of Services

The 2018 Annual Service Awards Ceremony recognizing classified staff will be held on Friday, Dec. 7, in the Corey Union Function Room.

The following employees are slated to receive awards. To note a correction or addition to the list, please  contact Michelle Congdon, Human Resources, by email or phone at 607-753-2302.

2018 Service Awards Awardees

35 Years

Lori Crandall, Childhood/Early Childhood Education Department

30 Years

Claire Payne, Psychology Department

25 Years

Barbara Conrad, Childhood/Early Childhood Education Department

Kathleen Gross, Liberty Partnerships Program (Research Foundation)

20 Years

*Christopher Amedeo, Maintenance

Jennifer Baker, Nurse 1, Student Health Services

Darwin Bartholomew, Janitor, Custodial Services

April Calale, Financial Aid

George Cole, Custodial Services

*Benjamin Finton, Central Warehouse/Mail Services

*Deborah Lewis, Residence Life and Housing

Valerie McConnell, Custodial Services

*Denise Morse, Custodial Services

Debra O’Mara, Custodial Services

Laura Slater, Memorial Library

Kathleen Stockton, Custodial Services

Colleen Trinkle, Custodial Services

*Robin Wheeler, Alumni Engagement (Research Foundation)

Joyce Willis, University Police

Gary Withers, Custodial Services

15 Years

Stacey Buckley, Modern Languages Department

*Kathleen Card, Custodial Services

David Coakley, University Police Department

Judy Daniels, Custodial Services

Carol Freeman, Custodial Services

Katherine Gustafson, Institutional Research and Analysis

Nabila Khazzaka, Alumni (Research Foundation)

*Gary Lansdowne, Maintenance

Kevin Markowski, Maintenance

Anne McLorn, Art and Art History Department

Tracey Messinger, Migrant Education Tutorial and Support (Research Foundation)

Steven Rolfe, University Police

10 Years

Scott Chierchio, Maintenance

Patty Fisk, Custodial Services

Burton Fritts, Custodial Services

Lisa Hand, Registrar’s Office

Corrina Harvey, History Department

Andrew Keegan, Maintenance

Linda Nelson, Custodial Services

Marie Nelson, Human Resources

Julie Randall, Athletics

Sheryl Robertson, Custodial Services

Jamie Scott, Facilities Operations and Services

Lawrence Smith, Transportation

Oscar Walters, Grounds

Haley Zurell, Geology and Physics departments


*Retired in 2018