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The Campus Artist and Lecture Series (CALS) has announced a second opportunity to submit an application for spring semester funding.

Applications from student clubs, academic departments and programs must be received electronically by Wednesday, March 3, and the committee will make its decisions on Monday, March 8. The maximum amount awarded will remain $350 and CALS should not be the sole financial support for a speaker. Parameters of the grant program, a blank lecture grant application and instructions for submission are linked on the Campus Artist and Lectures Series website

These applications are for virtual speakers that would present March 10 or later in the spring semester. These funds cannot be used for any performance-based event. All other CALS lecture grant parameters remain in effect. 

Fewer applications were submitted by the February deadline than expected, so there is almost $3,000 remaining and available for use, according to Sandra Wohlleber, associate director, Campus Activities and Greek Affairs.