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Looking to get the most out of your next campus event? One key to its success is turnout, and the Public Relations Department is here to help spread the word.

There are several ways to publicize campus events, and they begin when you reserve the room through the Online Room Reservation System, located in myRedDragon under the faculty/staff tab.

When you fill out the room reservation form, two questions that require a “yes” or “no” answer are:

Would you like this event to be displayed on myRedDragon Calendar for campus community viewing only?                              


Would you like your event submitted for publication to the Featured Events Calendar?

A “Yes” answer to the first question will forward the details of the event to the myRedDragon calendar. The event title, time and location will be available for the campus to view. This calendar is for the internal campus community.

A “Yes” answer to the second question will forward the details of this event to the PR Department where it is viewed as a “pending” event for the College’s website calendar and featured events home page listing.

It also alerts PR about the event for posting on the campus visual messaging TV screens.

If the event is open to the community, it may be included in our weekly Cortland Standard newspaper print ad titled “SUNY Cortland Invites You to Campus This Week.”

Additionally, if posted far enough in advance, the information prepares our staff for stories that should be covered in greater depth for either The Bulletin newsletter or for release to the media.

There is a complete list of criteria for what can be published on the College’s website which can be viewed on the SUNY Cortland Online Calendar Policy posted on the bottom of the SUNY Cortland Online Calendar Policy page. When in question, mark “Yes” and we will get in touch with you to learn more.

Naming an Event for Publicity

The Online Room Reservation System asks for “Event Name.”

Three to five words are recommended for the title that is posted. There is not a lot of room on the calendar of events or the home page featured events section, so concise is best.

First, name the type of event, such as “Sandwich Seminar,” “Conference” or “Workshop,” followed by a colon, and then a brief description, such as “Sustainability” or “Mental Health Services.” An event would then read, “Sandwich Seminar: Army ROTC” even thought the actual title is “Army ROTC is More Than Just Marching Around.”

After filling out the form for a room reservation and publicity, it’s always a good idea to send an email to alerting the office that publicity is being requested. Include any graphics that may be used on the TV screens or flyers that provide extra details. For more information, contact Wendy Brooks by email or at 607-758-5302.

To learn more about using the Online Room Reservation System through MyRedDragon, contact the The Help Center  by email or at 607-753- 2500.