News Detail

SUNY Cortland has announced a new online faculty and staff directory for the campus community. It includes enhanced search features, the ability for faculty and staff to add photos and links to social media sites, as well as a function that shows or hides specific information to the public, students and colleagues.

New Features

  • Secretaries have the ability to update their area’s directory entries.
  • Employees can upload images of themselves
  • More than one title can be displayed
  • More than one department or office can be listed for employees
  • Links to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles can be added
  • Specific personal information such as a cell phone number, home address and phone number can be shown to select groups such as faculty, staff and students but not to the public

Searching the New Online Directory

From the campus home page at, the site search in the upper right-hand corner is where to begin a search. This search provides information that can be viewed by the public.

Logging in to myRedDragon offers a more comprehensive search. Navigating to the Faculty/Staff Tab will allow access to personal information that faculty and staff have chosen to hide from public view.

How to Update Directory Information

State employees can update their individual records by

  1. Logging in to myRedDragon
  2. Selecting the Faculty/Staff Tab
  3. In the About Me box, selecting Update/View your entire directory
  4. Making the necessary updates on the Campus Directory Screen

Research Foundation should contact Brent Danega in the Human Resources Office and ASC employees should contact Sue Michales at ASC.

Secretaries should send an email to with their department or office name to gain access for updating their areas.

Directory Help

The directory maintenance page has a link to a Help document. If there are still questions after review of this document or if an error message has appeared, the Information Resources Support Center should be contacted at