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Outstanding Non-Traditional Students Recognized

Fifty-seven students who who balance family, jobs and other commitments were recognized for their hard work and commitment during Non-Traditional Students’ Week Nov. 11 to Nov. 18.

The College defines its non-traditional undergraduate students as those who are at least 24 years old or have had an interruption or delay in their education since high school. Also, they might have dependent children, regardless of their ages.

Faculty, staff and students submitted 72 names, an increase from 50 names in 2016, with some students being recognized by more than one person, to the “Celebrate a Non-Trad” campaign.  A certificate of recognition and a small gift were given to the following non-traditional students:

Nicholas Andreassi

Brian Anson

Joseph Barbaro

Caitlin Barnes

Robert Bergman

Jose Blanca

Jason Blayda

Karen Bobbett

Zachary Bolton

Jessica Briggs

Jade Case

Matthew Chase

Lei Chen

Zachary Cole

Teresa Contessa

Andrew DellaVilla

Allen Emm

Elizah Feathers

Brandohn Gabbert

Heather Garr

Bridget Hall

Kaitlyn Harman

Johanna Hernandez

Sheryl Holbrook

Allie Holleran

Thomas T.J. Keegan

Kaitlyn Kellam

Anna Klatt

Jocelyn Lake

Jared Leseman

Alan McCormick

Jamie-Lee Minkley

Emily Morley

Breanna Murray

Caitlin Niederhofter

Mac Osei

Matthew Perry

Jennifer Pietricola

Richard Piotti

Beth Poulos

Mathew Raymond

Alexander Rundle

Sara Sampson

Andrew Santos

Sikanda Saysanavong

Amanda Sharpsteen

Jessica Smith

Pamela Stone

Brianna Sullivan

Amber Swavola

Stephanie Syrup

Allison Teachout

Lauren Welch

Marc Wiesenfeld

Cathy Wilcox

Brian Zoll

Jose Zambrano

The Celebrate a Non-Trad campaign is sponsored by Advisement and Transition and the Non-Traditional Student Organization. For more information, contact Cheryl Hines, coordinator of student outreach and non-traditional student support, advisement and transition, at 607-753-4726.