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In honor of Non-Traditional Students Week celebration from Nov. 13 to Nov. 17, the campus community was asked to recognize students who balance college with family, jobs, and other commitments. 

Faculty, staff and students submitted 64 names. Some students were recognized by more than one person. A certificate of recognition was given to the following students:

Joseph Barbaro

Sandra Bella

Robert Bergman

Jose Blanca

Dominca Boston

Jade Case

Gerald Chukwuma

Brionna Cicak

Zachary Cole

Greg Conn

Corilynn Coye

Cody Doane

Brian Drake

Christine Drew-Fox

Chris Dutcher

Hilary Dwyer

Mitchell Ensman

Amanda Farkas

Jason Fasulo

Kimberly Ferreira

Melissa Garrett

Andrew Haaland

Emily Harris

Danielle Hodack

Marissa Hope

Kenneth Irving

Ashley Kress

Kyle Lamb

Chad Lawrence

Amanda Lockett

Cassia Maguire

Amanda McCaslin

Theresa Mendez

Britini Merrill

Anthony Miller

Lauren Minholz

Tytianna Noriega

Elayeshia Palmer

Mathew Raymond

Sara Sampson

Natalie Seigal

Emilee Senio

Emily Seyerle

Andrew Siciliano

Ashley Smith

Meagan Smith

Justin Sovocool

Stacie Stroup

Kaitlin VanDervort

Christian Williams

The “Celebrate a Non-Trad” campaign is sponsored by Advisement and Transition. For more information, contact Cheryl Hines, coordinator of student outreach and non-traditional student support, advisement and transition, at 607-753-4726.