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Classified Staff Recognized for Years of Service

The 2011 Annual Service Awards Ceremony recognizing classified staff will be held on Friday, Dec. 2, in the Corey Union Function Room.

The following employees are slated to receive awards. To note a correction or addition to the list, contact the Human Resources Office at (607) 753-2302.


35 Years

Wendy Fairchild, Information Resources Office


30 Years

Mavis LeFever, Campus Activities and Corey Union Office

John Reynolds, University Police Department

Patrick Stack, Service Group

Sharon Tucker, Performing Arts Department

25 Years

Mary Cervoni, Registrar’s Office

Bonnie Eldred-Kress, Athletics

Brenda Gorman, Student Health Service

Theresa Peebles, Mathematics Department

Darleen Richardson, Research Foundation of SUNY

Mitchell Seamans, Mail Services/Central Warehouse/Commissary/Central Receiving

20 Years

Leslee Anne Bellardini, Health Department

Chauncey Bennett, University Police Department

Harland Bigelow, Budget Office

Linda Bunting, Custodial Services

Brenda Hammond, University Police

Elaine Lund, Student Health Services

William Parente, Custodial Services

Steven Phillips, Structural Maintenance

Ronald Riccardi, Structural Maintenance

Pamela Schroeder, Academic Affairs Office

Cheryl St. Peter, Custodial Services

15 Years

Doris Albro, Administrative Computing Services

Franklin Dalton, University Police Department

Kathleen Gauthier, Residence Life and Housing Office

Faith Kashuba, Stores Clerk I, Mail Services/Central Warehouse/Commissary/Central Receiving

10 Years

Patricia Alter, Literacy Department

Dale Argyle, Physical Plant

Nancy Beattie, Custodial Services

Renato Brevetti, Structural Maintenance

Lori Burns, Student Health Service

Giuseppi Canzano, Structural Maintenance

Kathy Coggi, Financial Aid Office

Michele Cornelius, Custodial Services

Timothy Gowe, Transportation Services

Carol Gridley, Advisement and Transition

David Haggerty, Custodial Services

Dawn Harvey, Custodial Services

Timothy Hecker, Heating Plant

Jane Leonard, Custodial Services

Chad Matijas, Structural Maintenance

Richard Nauseef, Heating Plant

Linda Parker, Custodial Services

Connie Parmiter, Mail Services/Central Warehouse/Commissary/Central Receiving

Ruth Partigianoni, Custodial Services

Gregory Peters, Custodial Services

Patricia Randolph, Center for Educational Exchange

Shirley Randolph, Student Accounts Office

Rosemary Root, Custodial Services

Athena Vunk-Moynihan, Registrar’s Office

Nancy White, Custodial Services