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Faculty Members Participate in Play About Cardiff Giant

“The Cardiff Giant,” a two-act comedy-history by SUNY Cortland Professor of Performing Arts Thomas Hischak, will take the stage at the Center for the Arts, in Homer, N.Y., on Wednesday, Oct. 26.

The staged reading, which features a cast of SUNY faculty members, will begin at 7 p.m. at the center located at 72 South Main St. The performance is free and open to the public

“The Cardiff Giant” is about the famous 19th-century hoax in which a petrified giant man was found buried on a farm in Cardiff, N.Y. The discovery was a sensation and people came for miles to see the giant before it was put on display in New York and other cities. Later proven to be a hoax, the statue is currently at the Farmers’ Museum in Cooperstown, N.Y. “The Cardiff Giant” is a comedic look at the history of the giant and the people behind the hoax.

The cast for the play reading includes SUNY faculty members Girish Bhat, History Department, Kim Hubbard, Performing Arts Department, Robert Spitzer, Political Science Department, and Sharon Steadman, Sociology/Anthropology Department. Also in the cast are William Allen, Beth Hubbard, Bill Lee, Bob Sanders, Jackie Sanders, Teresa Spitzer and Sandy Swierczek.

“The Cardiff Giant” was a winner in the 2010 Julie Harris Playwriting Competition at the Beverly Hills Playhouse in California. Hischak is the author of 25 published plays as well as several books on theatre and film. 

For more information, contact Hischak by email or at (607) 753-4206.