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EAP to Offer Tips on Eating Healthy on the Run

Employees who want to balance good health with a busy lifestyle can spend an hour at a “Living Well on the Fast Track: Eating Healthy on the Run” talk on Monday, March 30.

Professional trainer Linda Hall will facilitate the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) seminar from noon to 1 p.m. in Brockway Hall Jacobus Lounge.

The seminar will address how to make healthier food choices, prepare balanced meals and find time to exercise when faced with family commitments and work responsibilities. 

Hall, a former SUNY educator and Educational Opportunity Program director, now oversees Hall Placement and Training, assisting those living in poverty to become taxpayers and providing training programs. Formerly the executive director of the Onondaga County Human Rights Commission, Hall successfully administered a five-year grant to place into employment those who have completed an adult vocational program.

The EAP Program, jointly sponsored by labor and management, is a confidential service to help all state employees, their families and retirees. SUNY Cortland’s EAP Committee includes 15 members; three from Civil Service Employees Association, eight from United University Professions, two from management/confidential, one member from Public Employees Federation and one Auxiliary Services Corporation representative who does not belong to a union. The purpose of the EAP Committee is to promote and ensure the EAP Program’s continued usefulness to employees, their families and their employer.

Grant money funds EAP Committee efforts, which include sponsorship the following campus activities: food drives for local charities, the wellness program, informational seminars, the PAWS for Stress Relief program, the Tobacco Clean Up program and the Weigh in on Wednesdays program. The Committee also works with coordinators to provide consultation and referral services to employees in need.

For more information, contact Athena Vunk-Moynihan, Registrar’s Office, or visit the EAP website to learn more.