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New Students Recognized for Successful Transition

Sixty-four students who successfully made the transition to SUNY Cortland as first-year or transfer students during the Fall 2013 or Spring 2014 semesters will be recognized at a reception Wednesday, Sept. 10.

The event takes place during the annual Advisement and Transition Fall Walk-in Welcome to be held from 4 to 6 p.m. in Memorial Library, Room A-111. The individuals will receive a certificate of recognition signed by President Erik J. Bitterbaum.

 Students were nominated during the spring 2014 semester by their peers, faculty and staff through an online survey. Of the 64 new students, six were recognized by two or more people and the group included three new graduate students.

This is the first year the College has offered this recognition, which acknowledges students in good academic standing who show one or more of the following qualities:

  • integrity and perseverance in their transition to SUNY Cortland;
  • exemplary academic conduct;
  • characteristics of a good role model for other students;
  • strong participation in classroom discussions;
  • outstanding attendance record;
  • curiosity for academic content;
  • demonstrated effort in academic pursuits; and,
  • potential for campus involvement and leadership.

 All recognized students received an invitation. The students are:

Derrick Abbey, Kimberly Acevedo, Bryan Adames, Valerie Alvarez, Kaitlin Antelmi, Thomas Badamo, Luke Barnes, Erica Behler, Ron Benhamou, Tyler Bouvia, Jeanette Byrnes, Kayla Cargen, Caroline Coffey, Lydia Crawford, Dakota Daniel, Brittnie Daugherty, Melissa Davoulas, Caitlin Dennehy, Kathleen Drake, Madeline Egan, Dinara Erdem, Jomar Estrella, Alexis Esworthy, Jacqueline Falk, Karissa Ferraiolo, David Foster, Joshua Giddings, Breana Goldstein, Dexter Gordon, Anna Grygiel, Anthony Hayes, Victoria Hopkins, Nicholas Hout, Kimberly Huyhua, Daniel Keller, Robert Kowalik, Jared Lamm, Caitlin Lawrence, Justin Lechman, Amber Lennon, Jacob Lieberman, Tiana Locke, Kara Mance, Jessica Meighan, Elizabeth Mikels, Samuel Mitchell, Julia Napper, Robert Nelli, Justin Neretich, Jordan Nesbitt, Dalton Nyumah, Pamela Overbaugh, Kevon Pile, Lindsay Pope, Ashlee Prewitt, Kathleen Purcell, Meghan Rebholz, Ryan Scanlon, Kerri Scrivanos, Sabrina Seibert, Kyle Soldani, Jenna Sterling, Nathalie Webster Arzu and Rhiannon Wynn.