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Outstanding Non-Traditional Students Recognized

Thirty-seven students who balance family, jobs and other commitments were recognized for their hard work and commitment during Non-Traditional Students’ Week Nov. 3 to Nov. 9.

The College defines its non-traditional undergraduate students as those who are at least 24 years old or have had an interruption or delay in their education since high school. They also might have dependent children, regardless of their ages.

Faculty, staff and students submitted names to the “Celebrate a Non-Trad” campaign and a certificate of recognition was given to the following non-traditional students:

Michael Adams
John Aspinwall
Katie Austin
Danielle Bauer
Kristopher Bialy-Viau
Amanda Brown
Chris Caughey
Rachelann Copland
Jennifer Cutsogeorge
Mary DeLorenzo
Michael  Doyle
Raeshelle Fraiser
Lauren Geraci
Liselotte Hammond
Deserea Harriger
David Hewitt
Chad Hill
Greggory Houck
Sarah Howe
Ami Ingraham
Nicole Katz
Chris Kinney
Edward McCabe
Edward Napiorkowski
Adam Niemiec
Lisa Ruquet
Johnna Rusello
Breanna Scannell
Jo Schmeling
Karyn Scott
Garrett Smith
Michael Ullberg
Kristine Walker
Kodey WhiteWolf
Tashina Wiers
Mason Young

This program is sponsored by the Advisement and Transition office.  For more information, contact Cheryl Hines, advisement and transition, at 607-753-4726.