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The Student Affairs Connections Committee is reaching out to faculty and staff for information to coordinate its efforts to establish and maintain significant connections between students and the College.

To foster greater academic and social success for students at SUNY Cortland, the committee’s 19 members design and implement activities such as the Midnight Breakfast, held each semester, and the annual Student Affairs Connections Awards for Faculty.

As part of its continuing efforts to build stronger student/campus connections and to avoid a duplication of its respective efforts, the committee asks faculty and staff to share information on:

• What their campus organizations and committees are doing in terms of assessing, facilitating, recognizing and/or fostering connections. The committee wishes to collaborate with such other groups.

• Names of freshmen, sophomores or juniors who might be interested in, and could productively serve, on the committee beginning in Spring 2011.

Respondents to this request should send their information to one of the committee’s two co-chairs, Lisa Allen or Sandra Wohlleber.