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The College has moved away from having a singular Graduate Studies Office in Brockway Hall to distributing those services across “offices with the greatest expertise and ability to handle specific issues,” reported Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Mark Prus in a July 1 message to the campus community.

“Over the past year, we have been assessing the services for graduate students and exploring the best way to provide efficient and high-quality support for the distinct needs of graduate students,” he explained. “As a result, there have been structural changes that help invest the entire college in graduate education.”

Students will work directly with the school deans and associate deans, department chairs, graduate coordinators and academic advisors to address academic policies and processes, noted Prus.

Meanwhile, a graduate student support coordinator has been established in the Advisement and Transition Office to provide orientation to the College, advocacy for student issues, and to support the Graduate Student Association.

Graduate registration, records and transcripts will be handled in the Registrar’s Office, where the Summer/Winter Sessions will also be located. Graduate Admissions will coordinate recruitment and enrollment of new students.

For more information on where specific graduate functions are now situated, Prus shared a Graduate Student Quick Reference Guide and Graduate Student Service Resource List.

“We are looking forward to the upcoming year and will continue to endeavor to provide outstanding services and educational opportunities to all graduate students,” concluded Prus.