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Forty-eight SUNY Cortland students were inducted into Psi Chi, the national honorary in psychology, on April 7, in Corey Union Function Room.

The initiates for this year are Jamie Alvito, Melissa Andosca, Sarah Bilodeau, Erin Birkel, Tanya Brucie, Jillian Cairo, Daniel Campana, Sara Carl, Patricia Condon, Michael Curry, Shannon Davis, Natalie Dean, J. Clay Deveau, Lauren DiRusso, Rachel Donaldson, Lindsay Doris, DanaMarie Feldman, Rachel Flynn, Karen Fuhrmann, Christopher Gianesses, Michael Giuliani, Kelly Glynn, Megan Gonsalves and Lauren Granat.

Inductees also include Jessica Granger, Alissa Hackett, Leanne Hladik, Liza Jacobson, Casey Knight, Michelle Kornet, Jacqueline Marconi, Jessie Mastracco, Katherine Musa, John Nulty, Brittany Pata, Allison Peck, Sandra Romano, Christine Russo, Shayna Simmons, Christina Strain, Leanne Sutliff, Jamie Troxell, Rebecca Vanderwerken, Tara Ward, Kady Williams, Nicole Wolff, Ashley Zaroogian and Amanda Zezima.

The banquet and ceremony were conducted by Psi Chi Cortland chapter officers President Rebecca Zurek and Vice-President Kyra Pinn, both psychology majors. President Erik J. Bitterbaum and Dean of Arts and Sciences R. Bruce Mattingly provided welcoming remarks.

Jennifer Morrison ’05 was the guest speaker. Department Chair Judith Ouellette provided closing remarks. Faculty members Margaret Anderson, David Berger, David Kilpatrick, Melvyn King and John Lombardo attended the event. Many family members and guests also attended.

Posters showing work done by students and faculty were on display.

Paul Luyben, Psychology Department, is the faculty advisor to the local chapter. In addition to Luyben, Claire Payne and Teri Wood from the Psychology Department were involved in planning the banquet and induction ceremony. Rhonda Moulton, School of Arts and Sciences, provided music during the reception and banquet.