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In honor of Non-Traditional Students’ Week in November, the campus community was asked to recognize undergraduate students who balance college with family, jobs and other commitments. 

Faculty, staff members and traditional undergraduate students sent in more than 55 nominations.

A certificate of recognition and an official “Celebrating Non-Trads!” pen was given to the following students in recognition of their hard work and commitment:

Rachel Alexander

Jane Arold

Joseph Bak

Darcy Barber

Dawn Battista

Aaron Briggs

Melissa Bubel

Brenda Bush

José Castro

Toby Centerwall

Karen Corson

Todd Curtis

Heather Dengler

Pamela Dusseau

Carrie Eastman

Keith Emery

Roger Ennis

Kristen Fecco

Sarah Fox

Christopher Galle

Caitlin Goodwin

Sherry Hicks

Kevin Hoag

Michael Howell

Natasha Knickerbocker

Sarrah Kubinec

Dominic Loffredo

April Lynch

Pamela Matt

Julie McChesney

Cindy Nelson

James Nolan

Colleen Nowetner

Rafael Nunez

Monica Oaks

Malinda Rees

Joel Richards

Trisha Riemer-Morgan

Kerry Roberts

Margaret Saunders

Ted Straub

Erica Thursz

Lara Vogel

Jennifer Walker

Jacob Yale

For more information, contact Cheryl Hines, Advisement and Transition, at (607) 753-4726.