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The Publications and Electronic Media Office has updated the campus information pages of the 2009-2010 Faculty and Staff Directory to reflect recent changes. A pdf can be accessed at or from the Faculty/Staff Resources link on the SUNY Cortland home page.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to review their online directory entry and make any necessary changes. Directions on how to update information can be found below and on page two of the 2009-2010 Faculty and Staff Directory.

To update your personal information in the online directory, from the Cortland home page,

  1. Go to Faculty/Staff Resource.
  2. Scroll to Faculty and Staff Directory and select Directory Maintenance.
  3. Enter your Cortland ID number and your birth date. Your record will be available for you to edit.
  4. Make the changes and submit. Your online listing will be up-to-date.

To make changes, Research Foundation employees should contact Brent Danega in the Human Resources Office. ASC employees should contact Sue Michales.