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Classified Staff Recognized for Years of Service

The 2009 Service Awards Luncheon will be held on Friday, Dec. 4, in the Corey Union Function Room. Punch will be served from 11:30 a.m.-noon, with lunch following at noon.

Elaine Galaska
Elaine Galaska
Jim Withers
Jim Withers
Larry Jebbett
Larry Jebbett
Sharon McConnell
Sharon McConnell


SUNY Cortland will formally honor one 40-year, one 35-year, and a combined four 30-year and 25-year employees oduring the 40th Annual Service Recognition Ceremony sponsored by the College’s Human Resources Office. The six long-time employees, who are among 42 individuals to be individually recognized for their terms of service, are Elaine Galaska, Larry Jebbett, Ella Dorman, Marty Kinner, Sharon McConnell and Jim Withers.

Galaska, a secretary II in the Memorial Library, will be honored for her 40 years of service, all in the College’s library. She joined SUNY Cortland as a stenographer in the library in 1969. In 1977 she was promoted to senior stenographer, then to secretary I in 1991 and, in the following year, to secretary II.

Jebbett, a general mechanic with 35 years of service, started as a cleaner in August 1974. He was worked as a grounds worker, maintenance assistant, highway equipment operator and senior grounds worker. In 2004, he was promoted to his current position.

Dorman, a library clerk III who works at the Memorial Library periodicals desk, and Kinner, an electrician, are being honored for their 30 years at the College. Dorman began her career with SUNY Cortland as a typist in the library in July 1979. She was promoted to a library clerk I in 1983, to a library clerk II in 1985, and to library clerk III in 1996. Kinner started as a cleaner in October 1979. He was promoted to maintenance helper in 1981, to maintenance assistant in 1984, and to his current title as electrician in 1987.

McConnell, a secretary I in the Student Health Services Office, and Withers, a supervising janitor, are being honored for 25 years of service. McConnell came to the College in a temporary position in September 1982. Three years later, she received a permanent stenographer position in the Student Health Services and the position was reclassified as a keyboard specialist I in 1987. McConnell was promoted in 1993 to a senior typist, a title that was later reclassified to a keyboard specialist II in 1995, and to a secretary I in May 2000. Withers started at the College in February 1984 as a temporary cleaner. In December 1989, he was promoted to janitor and in May 1995 to his current position as a supervising janitor.

The following employees are slated to receive awards at the 40th annual event:

10 Years

Douglas Adsit, custodial services

Gary Barrett, structural maintenance

Tanya Brayton, custodial services

Frances Bushaw, custodial services

Domenica Cimini, custodial services

Lucinda Compagni, academic affairs

Michelle Congdon, human resources

Sherry Ellis, library

Sheila Gregoire, education

Amanda Halliwell, sociology/anthropology

Janet Hegedus, Educational Opportunity Program

Kathleen Hudson, classroom media services

Naida Leet, purchasing

Nancy Mead, academic computing services

Theresa Montez, recreational sports

Frederick Morey, heating plant                 

Jane Rawson, custodial services

Teresa Ripley, professional studies

Neeca Root, judicial affairs

Scott Suhr, biological sciences

15 Years

Richard Breidinger, heating plant

Jeanne Clink, custodial services

Lawrence Coughlin, custodial services

Charlene Lindsey, field placement

Helen Low, university police

Bonnie Merchant, admissions

Darlene Phillips, campus activities

Joseph Stockton, custodial services

20 Years

Dianne Bays, custodial services

Doris Conway, custodial services

Gail Butler, enrollment management

John Evans, physical plant

Gretchen Gogan, library

Genevieve Herrling, education

Stephen Shufelt, structural maintenance

Susan Smith, academic computing services

25 Years

Sharen McConnell, student health services

Michael Toomey, university police

James Withers, custodial services

30 Years

Ella Dorman, library

Marty Kinner, structural maintenance

35 Years

 Larry Jebbett, structural maintenance

40 Years

Elaine Galaska, library